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   WHUM allies' media project

His break came when he got a gig at the Five Spot to play one week, five nights. The gig lasted nine months. Every night he showed up with all new compositions.

-- radio announcer speaking about Ornette Coleman, Philadelphia

Below are some examples, with thumbnail synopses,  of topics that could be aired on the Oprah Winfrey show. We want Oprah to choose the right topics, which are not necessarily on this list, and we want the content of the shows to be designed by Oprah and her team of professionals in collaboration with us.

We want to use whatever topics and show designs, including possibly simple, generic introductory shows on this type of complementary medicine, that Oprah determines will reach the widest audience and have the deepest impact on concerned people.

The objective is cures. We know that Oprah knows better than we do how to use her show to get those cures. 

  • Introduction with the Cure Team
  • The Cure Team teaches Oprah's studio audience how to connect and go to the calm, clear place. She then asks the people who now are in the calm, clear place to describe what it's like and what has changed in them. She then repeats the lesson. By this time the television audience is way more interested in learning it themselves. Our goal: 6 million people go to the calm, clear place in the first half hour of the show.

  • Viral-based diseases

Part 1: Cytomegalovirus.
Remote interviews with women who were able to go ahead with their pregnancies after using Harmonic accessing against CMV. Bayard will explain possible ways that Harmonic accessing works to combat CMV.

Part 2:  Herpes - with Bayard Barnes 
Bayard will share how he cured his herpes and how that led him to the discovery of Harmonic accessing in its present form.

Part 3:  HIV - with the Cure Team
Six HIV-positive people who have been trained to kill HIV with Harmonic accessing are interviewed by the Cure Team. They talk about how they feel when they kill it.

Part 4:  HIV - with Bayard Barnes
This show discusses the difficulties in knowing that HIV is gone, what must be done, and how long it may take before it actually is gone. Key question for this show: Is it ever gone? (That could be the title of the show, since that is the big question in the diseases community about HIV.) 

  • Allergy relief - medication

How Harmonic accessing enables people to take their medicine. Interviews with people who share how their (allopathic or other) treatments have been going, compared with how the treatment went when they were allergic to their medication. The show must locate and interview people who had severe allergic reactions to their medication before beginning Harmonic accessing.

  • Allergy relief - non-specific

How Harmonic accessing enables people to eliminate allergies, ranging from severe to moderate, including hay fever and seasonal allergies, food allergies and/or intolerance, allergies to substances, etc.. The show locates and interviews people who share how their allergic reactions have been alleviated or have disappeared completely through Harmonic accessing.

  • Cancer

Part 1: Breast cancer

Part 2: Difficult cancers (e.g., ovarian, thyroid, pancreatic)

Part 3: Leukemia

  • Kids with the Cure Team

Part 1: the Cure Team teaches an audience made up of kids and parents. Oprah interviews the kids during the show.

Part 2: Kids who appeared on the first show are interviewed by Oprah about the effects of Harmonic accessing on their relationship with their families,, especially with respect to how the kids are less disappointed in and more cooperative with mom, dad, and siblings since they began Harmonic accessing. . Previously filmed interviews with kids from the first show can also be aired. before beginning Harmonic accessing.

Part 3: Changes in how kids do their schoolwork since beginning Harmonic accessing. Do we test? Do we test whether or not to do our homework? Does this help us understand our teacher better? Are we less reactive to and more cooperative with teachers and other students?

  • Coronary heart disease

Harmonic accessing as a tool for testing alterations people need to make in themselves in order to create coronary health and eliminate inherited propensity for heart disease.

  • Organ transplant acceptance - with the Cure Team 

For this, the show must find people who are going to have organ transplants and fund the Cure Team in working with them for a minimum of six weeks, including two weeks before and one month after the organ transplant.

Since certain people don't succeed with Harmonic accessing, the show must give the Cure Team a sufficient number of subjects to work for to ensure a minimum of six successful ones. They then can be interviewed and the clips aired on the show. The Cure Team's entire work with these people should be filmed so that clips demonstrating how she works with them can also be aired. 

  • Stress

    How Harmonic accessing enables people to eliminate stress in all situations. Organ testing is demonstrated and all members of the audience participate in learning how to test and "unswitch" their organs.

General outline of shows:

  1. Everyone is shown how to connect and go to the calm, clear place (5 minutes)
  2. Audience participation, interaction, and self-expression (10 minutes)
  3. Topic (20 minutes)

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