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   The calm, clear place is all there is

Want to make good decisions in life? Make them from the calm, clear place.

Want immunity from physical disease? Stay in the calm, clear place.

Want money to flow toward you rather than away from you? Stay calm and clear when it's flowing away. Enjoy the flow, both ways.

Want sex? Relationship? Love? Other people want those things, too, and they want them with someone who's in the calm, clear place.

Because the calm, clear place is all there is. It is the beginning and end result of everything we do.

When you walk down the street in the calm, clear, place, other people spot you.

When you negotiate from the calm, clear place, the other parties start to understand what they can't get away with. Their resistances also begin to drop. They start to visualize how easy it will be to work with you. That means a lot in a negotiation.

The calm, clear place gets in everywhere, fixes everything.

That's why so many people meditate. They want to get to the calm, clear place.

That's why people strive for security.

No matter what activity you do, no pleasure can happen without calmness and clarity.

Everyone appreciates someone who's calm and clear. Now tell the truth: you appreciate yourself when you're calm and clear, don't you? Don't you congratulate yourself? Don't you say, "Wow, I'm in a great place right now"?

The calm, clear place is more than everything. It's the only thing.


You may feel that it's not practical to remain calm and clear under dire circumstances.

When you're calm and clear in those circumstances, your behaviors may look to other people like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand. The justification you make to yourself for staying calm and clear may be that it's the only way you'll make things turn out right.

So when it looks like they're not, you may feel that you must abandon calmness and clarity.

But, hey, really, isn't the calm, clear place worth sacrificing everything for? It better be, because if it isn't, you can't have it. If there's one thing you'll trade it for, that thing is going to hit you in the face.

No compromises.  

Welcome to the calm, clear place

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