The Way of Immunity
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Module: Action

What they need to do

Paradigm shift:

to get them to commit to and take at least one action . . . a specific, clear, measurable action.

Test: Do Quiz first?

Some essentials in rough priority order - bold items are more essential: 


How much time have we got?

List: actions

Who you are and what your role is  Tell about other allies and your plan. This can't wait.

Before I state the problem, you might do well with a preliminary assessment of your capabilities. Here are some typical questions allies ask from time to time about their own capabilities.

Now make a list of your capabilities.

  1. Connections: Also include connections you have with people and/or organizations who might be able to help. Then you'll have to assess their capabilities.
  2. Contacts. Anyone you can reach who you don't know.
  3. Direct actions: Include direct actions you can take that seem like obvious ways to further what you perceive we are trying to do.

What can you do to upgrade the capabilities of those people and organizations? One obvious thing is to get them started accessing.

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