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   Hi Bayard,

I meant to respond yesterday however I left early for Washington DC and came back late at night.

Thank you Bayard, Frannie, Greg, Barb, Celeste and Keeley for ministering to me and for sharing your powerful healing energies as I cleansed my 12 bodies. I absolutely believe in Immunics. These past two mornings I removed the disorders, malfunctions, diseases and disturbances from my 12 bodies. I felt how real the process was! I take a hypertension pill every day to normalize my blood pressure. The morning after Immunics I must have had the lowest blood pressure 96/68 I ever had. I have not reached this low reading before. I have to check everyday and find out if this will persist. Also, I went into a very deep sleep, the kind where I had to take my time to re-focus when I woke up.

Since Jim Starr introduced me to Syda Yoga in 1982 I have been meditating to be with the God in me. This and Direct Centering/Nexxus brought me to this awareness of connecting with this powerful, quiet and blissful state where I feel I am with God and where healing occurs. Teaching me about the 12 bodies gave me a vision of dimensions I have not explored. I will continue to clear each body knowing now that each one affects my physical health which we are focusing on. I know that all other aspects of myself clear simultaneously also and very importantly that I am affecting everyone's ability to heal himself.

Thank you once again. I love you all! Since you are a ministry now I am sending a donation via mail.



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