The Way of Immunity
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Use and materials waiver

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We, the officers of World Harmonic Unified Ministers (WHUM), hereby grant you the right to hold organized classes in The Way of Immunics.

This right is intended for charitable and / or professional practice use only. We do not grant you, nor anyone to whom these materials are distributed, the right to change, republish, or sell the materials nor any part of them.

Your organization's license is only valid where your Harmonic program is anchored.

Everything that was originally on the materials, including the identification of our ministry and our copyright information, must be on the materials when they are distributed.

These rights are granted for a period of 330 days, renewable upon mutual agreement, from the date indicated.

In entering into this licensing agreement you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the WEB SITE GUEST, USER AND COLLEAGUE AGREEMENT and the community of practice guideline.

In Gods Love,

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Greg Morkovin, Executive director

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Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 01/14/07