The Way of Immunity
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first application of Skill 1
In this application of Skill 1 you are going to learn to directly kill viruses 

Some of these viruses are considered incurable; some of them are deadly. In this category also is cancer. You can act on cancer. You can block it the way you block a virus.

Are there other diseases that fall into this category?  Test that.

This is not faith healing. It's not Christian Science. You'll feel yourself do each action that gets each result. It's not hypnotherapy, Reiki, or other types of spiritual healing (those are good, effective types, I might add).

It's precise

You'll know exactly what you're doing as you do it.

There's no long training program. This is it. This is the skill.

Do you kill them? Test that.

If you get a "no", then it's no, at least for now. If you get a "yes," I won't blame you if you still wait to believe it until you see it for yourself.  

To see it, you're going to have to do it, and test that you did. Whatever, they certainly get blocked. It's dependable. That may very well be all there is to it.

For me, with virus after virus, it has been. I've watched the people around me do it over and over again as well.

A cautionary word

This doesn't work on poison ivy. Test leaves before you use them for "hygienic purposes." To put it another way, don't wipe your butt with poison ivy and expect the Harmonic to take care of it.

What I am trying to say here is that there are a great many things that can get into you, including most bacteria, that you cannot remove or block, at least not the way you do a virus. So if you're on cancer or HIV medication and you're being poisoned by it, you may have to take the kind of measures against it that I took when I had poison ivy. That's in another Skill

When we talk about killing viruses, we may be speaking euphemistically. It can be very hard to know if certain viruses are dead, even with a medical test.

But once you've blocked them, over time, they probably die off.

Master this application of Skill 1 and you have, in a certain sense, mastered all applications of Skill 1.

Thank you,


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