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Energy is what propels you through the day. You also need energy to sleep. And when you go to sleep with strife, struggle, and worry sapping your energy, you often wake up more tired then when you went to sleep. That exhaustion cycles through the next day, and the next, in an endless loop of disease that leads to death.

Energy is everything.

It's the whole ball game

If you've got energy, you're alive; if you don't, you ain't.

If you can wake up clear and refreshed in the morning, you're well on your way to a life-giving, nurturing day. A day where every opportunity to prolong your life, and thereby increase your chances of fully accomplishing the purposes and missions God intends for you to accomplish, is seized.

A day where you give and receive love instead of stress.

A day where you control your environment. Yes, you can take the stressers out of your environment. You can generate an environment around yourself that enables you to live longer and be happier.

If you live in a self-created hell, that may take a little time. It may not happen overnight.

IF you live in a self-created hell that's subtle -- that is, a hell that doesn't look like hell, a hell where the destructive factors move in invisible patterns, a hell where the things you think are right are destroying you and the people you love -- then it will take even more time.

Whatever. You will transform it. With energy.

It starts with you removing from your life, one by one, each and every thing that weakens you.

Study your lessons well. Be methodical. Remove everything that weakens you.

Put in everything that strengthens you.

No compromise.

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