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Get your "SIB"

A "SIB" -- a significant immunological breakthrough -- is a discovery or experience that shows you what the Harmonic is and what it can be used for in a way that you can never deny later.

When the going gets tough, your SIB makes you tough and you get going -- the right "SIB" will turn you into a Sherman tank that will drive through a brick wall.

SIBs are fun and fantastic experiences.

After the right SIB, you will feel like a character on X-Files.

A SIB will also change you forever

Or it may be the result of having changed forever, and knowing it.

For example, one of my original SIBs happened when I went to a dimension that was higher than any dimension I'd ever been on up to that point. I've been different ever since.

These benefits are peripheral compared to the real benefit. The real benefit is the knowledge that this is real, that you can do it, and that the outcome of doing it will be all the things you've always wanted.

Study the examples of SIBs. Then you'll know what you're looking for. Get your SIB.

It comes from knowing that you are bringing in, accessing, information from a source beyond you and beyond your usual five senses, and if you already did that, that you are now able to do it with a far higher level of speed, precision, and safety than you ever could before.

You're the wow now.

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