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From the Philadelphia Harmonic clinic (late 1990s):

I learned how to remove my weight set point Harmonically, and I lost 20 pounds in 6 months without dieting, without additional exercise, and eating ice cream every night. This is not politically correct, but it worked. - E .

I stopped getting cold sores this year. - C.

I can tell my allies from my opponents really easily.- U.

My typing speed tripled in a day or so with Harmonic accessing. I was able to access all the things that were slowing me down - attitudes, things in my environment, etc.- A.

I feel like my heart, my genitals, my whole body are one and operating as one. I can see physical objects with my eyes in a way I've never been able to see them before. It's amazing how beautiful everything is. All this just from repeated connecting to the Harmonic. - T.

A man I had been sleeping with told me he tested positive for hepatitis B, the deadly kind. I had not been to the doctor since I began healing myself using the Harmonic. I went to my doctor, who took some tests and told me that I had indeed contracted hepatitis B. I got rid of it by using the Harmonic before the next time I saw him, on my own, without any help. At that time he also told me that I have developed a very strong immune system, which I need since I'm gay. - B.

With all the things I've been removing, this has been the most cathartic few months of my life. - .E .

My big "wow" is that on an ongoing basis I am always happy. Being happy was sporadic for me - my happiness had a life span. Now it's a state rather than a feeling.- B .

I constantly reacted to my father. I had learned how to "handle" it. Now I'm actually healing him. Through my presence now he becomes different. This in turn gets passed on to the other people he spends time with in my family. - M .

I used to have severe pains in my knee - I broke my kneecap when I was 10. They stopped when I started using the Harmonic. I had one ripped tendon - I was on crutches for 7 months. As compensation my other tendon began tightening up and ripping. With my mentor I accessed what foods and supplements to take and cleared up the problem with the other tendon in a day. I had no idea that the right foods and supplements by themselves could create such a dramatic result. I haven't had a twinge since.- R .

I removed the effects of over 90,000 past lives in five months. All had been affecting me and controlling my behavior.- R.

I no longer have the urge to have the faceless, pornographic sex I was addicted to. Furthermore, I am starting to be attracted to professional, together people my own age instead of 20-year-old fantasy pinups.- B.

I got rid of my addictions. I'm no longer chasing anything or anybody.- L .

It's a lot easier for me to be around the kind of people who used to drive me crazy. I'm immune to their "diseases".- W .

My father has always told me things to help me, like how I wasn't taking care of myself. in the past I would get upset and defensive. I noticed this time that it was easy for me to hear it and let it in. I could actually enjoy it, even.- Q .

One of my main results is that I have become a person who gets results. There used to be a big gap between seeing that I needed something or needed to do something, and taking action. I decided to take out that passivity from my DNA. Now taking action just happens.- K .

Recently at a party I ran into two people who had been instrumental in creating a very negative environment for me when I worked with them at HUD two years ago, and they knew it. At this party they were avoiding me. But I made a choice that I did not make two years ago. The choice I made was to forgive them, and to actually move toward each of them. I didn't actually say "I forgive you," but that was the underlying communication. And I was totally with them. I was interested in them, I had my attention off myself, I completely dropped the charge I had around what they had done to me two years ago. They kept doing double takes. They couldn't believe how I was with them. At first they were off guard, but each minute they seemed more relaxed and started smiling more and were more and more with me, and they could perceive my forgiveness. To me it was all very natural. I wasn't looking for anything in return. I just felt like giving to them, and none of the other stuff seemed important to me. This is an example of a major difference in me since I retired from HUD and began Harmonic accessing. - B

I no longer withdraw or reject people. I don't retreat. I may not spend as much time with them as I used to, but I'm more with them.- R .

Headache remedies are nothing special, but this one was special for me, I had a headache and tested that it was from what I had eaten the night before. I kept trying to get rid of it using Harmonic accessing and couldn't make a dent in it. Then I realized that I wasn't willing to get rid of the headache until I had fully assimilated the lesson it was giving me. About 45 minutes later, in the middle of my morning run, I suddenly experienced a change in myself that came over me without me doing anything - this is a common experience that Harmonic masters have - and all of a sudden I was willing to remove my headache. The way I did it was very simple: I experienced the headache kind of like a physical object in my head, and removed it. It took me a few seconds, and then it was gone. - B

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