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Simplicity can scare you

The Harmonic has a way of simplifying things. You're probably familiar with Windows 95, since you're getting this over the Internet. You know how simple Windows 95 makes things?

What we will give you is a lot like that.

The only problem is, it may scare the heck out of you

It's too simple, swift, easy. Too shorthand.

You may have a repetitive thought, every time you do an Immunic action: "This can't be doing what I'm testing it's doing."

Because your life is on the line

In Windows 95,  if you can grab an icon and drop it someplace, that's fine. It doesn't upset you. You don't have to know anything about the math calculations that are going on underneath the whole process.

If you're like most people, that's just fine with you. But when your fingers tell you that yes, you can alter your DNA to become immune to an incurable disease you may have carried most of your life (and this is the way I ended my genital herpes -- I altered my DNA), that may startle or confuse you, or simply feel impossible.

Most people don't look at their DNA the way we do. They see genetic codes as fixed, inherited, something they're stuck with, and their DNA as static strands of chromosomes rather than the mutable fields of complex polarities they actually are.

And most people like to know what's going on.

Especially when their life depends on it. They want to see all the millions of calculations happening, and understand them. And we don't blame you.

Yet with Harmonic connection, simple, swift, easy is better. Shorthand is better.

The Harmonic is going to actually read your DNA, just like Windows 95 reads the information in your hard disc. The smallest DNA strand was mapped by researchers a year or so ago. It contained 4.5 million chromosomes. And each chromosome contains literally billions of codes. The Harmonic really is your portable computer in the sky. And it's got a monster hard drive! That's how come you can immunize yourself, in seconds, to an incoming flu virus that your body has never seen before.

As a beginner you're better off watching the result of an immunic action you perform

You're better off feeling better, or watching your symptoms disappear within 10 minutes of the immunic action you did, than you are knowing why and how it happened. At least at first.

Once you have the result, or a few of the results you want, one of which may be saving your own life, or at least moving in that direction, Harmonic accessing doesn't have to be so simple, fast and effective anymore. You can dally. Become a techie.

You can enjoy the process of inquiry. And you will feel a wonderful and positive difference when you do this, too.

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