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   Contract an "incurable" disease and cure it

Don't laugh.  That's how the people you love find out that it can be done. You get sick, you get well, they watch. You tell them what you did. They hear it.

They feel empathy for you when you're sick. They feel relief when you're well. And all this only has to take a matter of hours, or days at the most.

Great teachers teach by example.

It's also how you make discoveries. Do you remember a guy named Bach? No, no, not the composer. He was in the health area. He made flower remedies.

I'm not sure whether he's still alive, but while he was operating he got to be famous by developing a set of symptoms, then going into a field and finding a plant that would cure the symptoms. That's how he knew what plants did.

He didn't have finger testing.

He had to actually get sick and watch the symptoms disappear by interacting with a plant.

So you see, it's a tried and true method.

We masters have got to stop being scared of disease. And play with it. Now look, I'm not suggesting that you inject yourself with HIV-infected blood. We also need to go with God's plan. God will tell you when it's time to cure a disease. He communicates that by allowing you to get sick.

You go ahead and take reasonable risks.

Now remember I said reasonable, not unreasonable. Don't be foolhardy. Put safety first. But take the risks you want to take, and that seem OK. And when you catch things, which you will everyday - at least in your higher bodies - remove them. And when they're physical, kill them.

And share that with the people you love.

And globally, any way you see you can.

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