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Immunics is really about having the faith to let go of control, and be able to put your trust in something other than your distressed, controlling mind. To trust in the higher powers of yourself, or the universe, or whatever those forces might be that we can't define -- just trusting that and going with it. Letting it take you and knowing there's a safety net and going with that.

- Jim, a guest on The Cure Show


   Put safety first

We have a saying around here -- Don't quit the day job. Your learn some new skills here. Learn them well. But don't quit doing the things that have been working for you, that you've been doing for yourself, or that you simply have agreed with your doctor that you will do, even if they're not working, until you first to discuss it with, work it out with, your doctor. That's what the old saying means -- that's not quitting the day job.

Put safety first.

You may see this admonition as ludicrous in its lack of applicability to you. If you feel that way, it's just because you haven't seen what we've seen. You may not need to hear that admonition, but many do. We know people who threw their medication in the toilet. And they didn't even bother to learn immunics first -- they just didn't went ot do anything any more. And some of them are dead know.

You should also be aware that this is not a "disclaimer." We don't need to give you a disclaimer -- we're a religion. We have a perfect right to tell you to do anything that we've channeled or think God wants us to tell you. That's precisely what the above is. We could just as well go with the Christian Science approach and tell you that God will abandon you if you go to the doctor, and that you're forbidden to go. So what we're telling you then, here, is not in order to protect us from getting sued if you do something stupid and your poor judgment results in you dying are being disfigured or crippled. We're telling you this because this is the right way to practice immunics. Don't quit the day job.

Your doctor will discharge you when you're cured. She'll know. She has tests. Medical tests. We love it when people take those tests and they come back negative. That's what we live for. The game that we're playing is to get negative results on your medical tests. That's what we put this web site here for, and why I'm doing all the work of writing this right now - an activity I could live without. We do it because it's fun to get back those negative test results -- for us, anyway -- and we hope that you can enjoy it as much as we do.

Now we consider all types of medical practitioners doctors. We believe that it's just as important for you to stick with your acupuncturist, if that's the medical path that you've chosen, as with an allopathic physician. It holds true for any kind other kind of medicine. But we also want you to be open to change. The other day, as a matter of fact, during the Cure Show, I asked the woman who was our guest to go for a Pap test. She had a lump on her breast. Not only did she refuse to go get the test, she actually called us later and asked us to edit that part out of the show. She was afraid her friends and family would go crazy on her if they found out she had not been tested that way. Well, they'd be right, wouldn't you think?

Anyway, we did edit that moment out of her Cure Show, cause we usually do what Cure Show guests want us to do that way, but it really got me furious. It was one of the inspirations for writing this today.

Hemingway said, "Write hard about what hurts."

While immunics is intrinsically safe, the attitude that it can cause in people -- in you -- may be intrinsically dangerous. And since virtually everyone on earth is immunocompromised in some way or other anything and everything you do for yourself, including immunics, presents a risk. We give you every bit of caution we can think of everywhere throughout everything in this Cure College. Because we are scared for you. We don't know what you're going to do next.

I hate to say this but we don't trust you -- because for some people, new arrogance comes with new abilities. Hence many lessons and audio lectures are peppered with what might seem to you to be idiotically redundant warnings and invectives in a great many lectures. For example, we keep expressing how important it is that you keep a positive attitude toward your doctor(s) and her / their treatment(s). That's because we've seen a few people throw their medication in the toilet without talking to their doctor. Talk about putting safety last -- that's not just foolhardy, it's also an ethical violation. Patients as well as doctors have to behave ethically. Even the slightest problem with your integrity will compromise your immune system.

Look, we' re practicing a strange religion here. It's sort of the opposite of most religions, because most religions save your soul first and then work on other things. But we first save you physically, hoping your soul will follow. And it doesn't, always, right away. This may seem weird to you, but it can be easier to cure cancer than to cure bad attitude. It can be easier to stop getting the flu than to stop judging your fellow man. Though it's also probably true that the things are reciprocals and that you can stave off the flu for a while or get improved results back on your blood tests, but that ultimately the bad attitude or judgments will take down your immune system so that you stop getting any results at all. Or doing any immunics at all, for that matter.

With this stuff you've got put safety first. That means you've got to work in three areas: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You may have already noticed that immunics produces an instantaneous good feeling; calmness, clarity, relaxation, and even joy well up inside of view from the first few seconds you begin doing immunics. And other good feelings too, such as certainty in confidence. And these can lead to over certainty and overconfidence. And also feeling that you want to test your new powers or test the power flowing through you -- always a bad idea.

And also some people simply lack appreciation for what they've been given. I've seen people stop doing immunics to test whether or not it had "really" cured them. "It" hadn't.

Which opens another thought for me: since we talk about curing things all over this Cure College, it may sound to you like we're using the definition of cured you have in your mind. We don't know what you're definition of cured is. So I guarantee you we're not using it. But what it might be is, "Oh boy, I'm cured. Now I can fall asleep at the wheel and wait for the next infection to blindside me."

Our motto is:

Be ever vigilant.

Oh, you went back and got tested by your doctor. She couldn't find anything. Your blood work was negative. Your cancers gone! Now would be a good time to use the immunic testing we teach you to test yourself for pathologies. I bet you will find some.

Here's what we know: most people at least when they first begin this study live in the past and future; but their immune system lives in the present. And the more immunics you do, the more like your immune system you become. You become less of an opponent to your immune system and more at one with it. And so you to begin to live in the present. Your immune system is, after all, you.

You've got to love yourself to put safety first. Conversely, when you put safety first, your ability to love and care for yourself increases.

One of the biggest problems with immunics is that it's a panacea. Your immune system lives in the present, and that's where you cure yourself: here, now, instantly. That's what happens on Cure Show after cure show. You can hear it happening, right in the air, with guests that walked in 15 minutes ago not knowing the first thing about immunics. And people treat panaceas like ladies of the evening. It's a love / hate relationship, that's for sure. You'll find yourself wanting it to be over. When do I get to stop doing this already? This feels great, I love being calm and clear, now can I go back to my addictions?

No. Just say no to addiction. Immunics is a direction. It's a lifestyle.

Immunics is a form of yoga. You do you yoga every day, right? Or, on the days when you don't do it, you don't expect to get benefits from it, right?

Kill viruses. Mutate DNA. We (you are included in we) do some pretty wild stuff with the Harmonic.

I've talked about some wild stuff I did. But one thing I haven't written yet is that I got interested in mushrooms, and without knowing anything about them, I walked through the woods accessing which would be tasty and ate them.

That isn't just wild, it's stupid!

I don't do that anymore. I was setting a bad example.

But I did it and lived to tell about it, because at least in this case, the Harmonic ran true to form. When I accessed about destroying angels without having any inkling of what they were other than that they were awfully pretty mushrooms - white as snow - I tested that they were poisonous and I shouldn't eat them.

Hence I'm here, writing this (destroying angels kill you in two days, and there's no antidote).

When you do wild stuff, the important thing is to put safety first.

In the midst of a bone-crunching corporate takeover, a banker who I've trained in this used the Harmonic to access information: who were his allies and opponents at the bank? He made a list. Then he used immunics to bond with his allies and dodge the blows of his opponents.  (It also enables him to love them. We're a church, remember. We love our opponents.)

Our banker friend's corporate restructuring virtually guarantees he will be fired, along with most of the people he hired in the past two years. That could hurt. He is an extremely loyal person; he feels responsible for them. He has dealt with the situation well. He keeps winning victories for himself and his staff by making internal "sales" to the new directors. He has kept high intention to earn his mandate. But he cleared so much that one day he started to feel like he wanted to be fired.

I said to him, "Pretty cocksure, aren't you?" He was. He believed he would win, no matter what. Which is true.But still, the chip on the shoulder indicated underlying pathology.

Harmonic masters can be real hot dogs. Especially 1pink5.jpg (22877 bytes)
the new ones.

But immunics complements all forms of medicine because it's safe, you do it for yourself, it's always available to you right here on the Web, and, once you've learned it, it's always available anywhere. And it's free.

Immunics complements all forms of medicine unless, that is, you get too cocksure of yourself because now you're controlling your immune system and throw your medication in the toilet.

Like my friend Edith did when she was doing chemo for her cancer. It all worked out. I tell the story elsewhere. (Two links to those places: 1, 2.) She ended up on new medication, cured her cancer, and died of a heart attack many years later. She was officially a cancer "cure" -- that is, she lasted five years without getting a recurrence. (That's the allopathic definition of a cancer cure.) But it was touch and go for about three days.

I was shocked when she told me she threw out her meds. It was my first experience of someone betraying their doctor. That's actually what it is when you're in treatment with your doctor and you abandon your treatment without working it out - you've done a betrayal. Then go try to be immune. Fortunately Edith's son was also a doctor. It was actually him who put her back on the right track. I couldn't reach her on the issues -- she just wouldn't listen to me when I told her to go to her doctor and confess what she had done.

This is compatible with all forms of medicine -- as long as you don't hate or have some problem with the other forms of medicine you're doing and set up competitions between them and immunics, or use immunics to validate some awfully wrong decision you're making.

Danger addiction

A lot of us don't like putting safety first - we're addicted to danger. Some of the meekest people are danger addicts. You won't scuba dive, but you invest in the stock market in a totally unsafe way. Don't. Sure, the Harmonic is good for your stock trading, especially if you use it without letting it control your choice. (You must always control your choices with everything - the Harmonic will drop you on your head if you try to get it to make your choices for you)

Know all the questions to ask, and ask them.

Be willing to ask the same exact question six times

Don't trust what you test

Then choose.

Everything you ask must be practical

The Harmonic will tease you unmercifully when you ask a stupid or academic question. Just as an example, once I could recognize a destroying angel mushroom when I saw one, if I asked the Harmonic, "Should I eat it?" I'd get a yes. To find out how far this can go you can listen to or read the transcript of  The Parasite Story, Basically, though, it'll get you into of trouble as fast as it gets you out of it if you fail to get one of God's jokes.

Use your Harmonic mastery to do things that matter, that make an impact on history.

What happens when the world gets wind of this?

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