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Bust up the party

Parties are an ideal venue -- people often come to find out what's going on. Stand on something, get everybody's attention, and say, "focus on me. I've got something I want to do with you for a few minutes -- show you how to cure stuff."

Five-minute party class outline
C-del meeting where you hear about how somebody did this
-- Monday 5/29/06

It's OK, but not necessary, to tell the host you're going to do this beforehand.

BUT, if you get everybody's permission before you do it, or if the host announces it an hour beforehand to warn everyone, you're canceling the statement. So have the guts to take control without permission.

When you stop people in the middle of what they're doing, you're making a statement that what you have to say is important. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STATEMENT that you make by doing a party class.

Contact us here -- we'll be tickled pink to help in any way we can.

Let's light up the sky with cures! God knows the world needs it.

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