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Bring the Cure Drive into the Race for the Cure

Bring the Cure Drive into the Walk for the Cure or the Run for the Cure or any other benefit happening in your city.  Bring it to the March on Washington for HIV.   Iron the tally onto your hat, wear immunicsWear shirts, hand out cards, and in every other way let them know that there is cure for whatever they're marching or running or singing for.

Bring as many immuners as you possibly can.  Decide together on how you'll do it.  Create an approach, a program.  Whatever you do has to happen within the span of a few hours, so it better be good.  Afterwards, write up everything that worked and didn't work.  Let us know all about your discoveries in an  email to the Cure Drive.  And do call us for coaching.

Contact us here -- we'll be tickled pink to help in any way we can.

Let's light up the sky with cures!  God knows the world needs it.

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