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   Store or Company

Perform a public service and still make a decent profit.  If you own a store, or your boss trusts you, you can be a conduit of cure to your customers, and make your place of business a conduit for cure.

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The owner of a tattoo shop across the street gave a donation and took stickers for his clients -- he expects to get quite a few of them out.  He's ex-military, recently back from Iraq

Get a quantity of bumper stickers and put them next to your cash register.  Ask every person who checks out to put one on their car. Keep the donation -- it's part of the income of your store.

Clip the Startup Instructions for New Activists to each bumper sticker, because we have discovered that most people who offer their assistance don't actually know that they need to get THEMSELVES started.  And ones who do know that still get started quicker if given a nudge in the form of a few tips about how.  Everybody knows that instructions shorten time, and time is people's main consideration where getting started is concerned.

Giving the Startup Instructions is the ethical way. So give them the instructions, clipped to the bumper sticker.  Remember, you actually want them to get started. If they die of the flu, they don't drive the car around with the bumper sticker on it, so you still failed.

The sticker is an item like any other.  Except it will stop the flu epidemic from decimating your customers.  Stopping disease is good business.

It works the same way at your company.  Go to each person you work with and ask them to put one on their car and donate $2.

This is a first step, preparatory to giving the 2-Step Startup for everyone in your company.  Everyone your company will be more likely to respond positively if they've all been asked about the bumper sticker first -- though some won't respond positively anyway.

Then go to the CEO and explain the situation.

The situation is this:

Nobody here has time to do the 2-Step Startup.  But we also don't have time not to do it, because when a flu epidemic comes, the virus, which will be airborne, will travel through the ventilating system here at the company like Legionnaire's Disease did in that Philadelphia hotel and take out two-thirds of the work force.  And half of those will never return.  So if you think we don't have time now, wait till I'm sitting here, immune to the flu, looking around at an office that's two-thirds empty, and wondering where I'm going to get the stuff done that I used to hand to people who are no longer present.  And you're not here to ask.

And by the way, Mr. or Ms. CEO, worst-case scenario is when a flu epidemic comes, no one will come to work at any job, so not only won't we get anything done here, but the cable guy'll die and we won't even be able to watch TV while we're sitting at home.  And the guys who maintain our phones will die, and we won't be able to call each other and commiserate about how the company's going under because everybody's out sick.  So maybe we better start the 2-Step Startup a week from Thursday, and make it mandatory, and fire anybody who doesn't show up.  What do you say?

I can just see a big smile spreading across your CEO's face now, as the old pirate pictures all your competitors decimated by flu and your company operating at full steam.  You can also remind her, in case you forgot, that Washington inoculated his troops, whereas the British didn't, and of the 125,000 casualties in the Revolutionary War, 100,000 of them were from smallpox -- very few among the Americans.  Is it any wonder that we won?

Keep the donations -- if you don't need the money, use it to find someone who does, and who will stand on the street corner asking people to put the stickers on their cars, and use it to fund themselves.  How would you find someone like that?

Well, you could use the money your business colleagues donated to put an ad in the paper offering part-time work.  Interview the people -- tell them to do the 2-Step Startup, which will take only a few days. They can get started when they've completed it.

Bumper Sticker Quantity Cost Breakdown

To get started, contact Greg
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