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  1. Main teacher of big group
  2. Backup teachers who help coordinate and coach the triads
  3. Person calling out when the next class is starting
  4. Person who talks with people about the Cure Drive while waiting for class to start
  5. Person handing out business cards and flyers for the people who don't have time to stop, or offering bumper stickers and CDs for a donation.
  6. Person taking down names and contact info of those who want to participate
  7. Video man
  8. Camera man - still pictures (we wouldn't want to miss out on an awesome still for Oprah to post on her site)
  9. People going around town asking people if they have heard of the Cure Drive and sending them in our direction

The number of people doing each job depends on the number of volunteers.

Thanks to Susie Linquist, our street immunics pioneer, for this page

Class strategy points

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