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Please read this welcome note -- things you hear in it will help you cure what you came here to cure. You need to know everything that you don't already know -- so please, please, please, read this carefully. Doing so can save your life, or the life of someone you love.

In these e-mails you will see shares, be given information about new tools, and receive short, direct lessons in actually curing things. The e-mails that are directly about doing your own immunics WILL SEEM LIKE THE DORKIEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER READ IN YOUR LIFE unless you have taught yourself immunics first.

If your e-mails abruptly stop coming, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL PROGRAM FOR SPAM FILTERS. Sometimes those idiotic systems don't tell you what they're filtering for you. They think they're doing you a favor, not bothering you with petty details.

SET A BOOKMARK on the homepage, the HUB, and on any pages you are currently using. The most effective way of using bookmarks is with a folder system -- make a "cure it" folder, and keep all the bookmarks to in one place.

You may not be ready for some of the lessons or information you receive. Just DELETE THOSE E-MAILS! One of the first things that you teach yourself with immunics is how to remove pathologies -- and e-mails that you're not interested in are a little like pathology. It's good to remove them, too.

-- -- --

The nice thing about the e-mails is that they create a simple practice format that will guide you in how to learn immunics while you go about your daily business.

Immunics is fun, free, easy to do and to learn, and always available to you, any time night or day, because it is a form of yoga, which means, essentially, that it is you. It's your immune system with you in conscious control -- your immune system on acid (heh, heh, so to speak).

Now for the darker side of this otherwise rosy picture.

Most people do not consciously control their immune system, believing it to be a function of the autonomic nervous system. You're going to be different, if you stick with us. Your friends may not like you anymore, because you're different. People who can control their autonomic nervous system give some other people the creeps. People hate people who are different from them, and people just plain don't like people who change. Anybody who changes becomes New Coke to his or her friends, at least a little bit. This will be a true test of your friends. How good a friend are they, really?

Several years ago a woman who had cancer contacted us -- she had begun to do immunics. Several days later she complained to us that her husband and brother were very negative about immunics and teasing her about it. She stopped doing immunics a few weeks later. We never heard from her again. Is she dead? I don't know. But dead or alive her story, and her plight, lives on in this e-mail.

Soon into this program you will have learned how to cure cancer and viral-based diseases. You can hear people doing that first-hand if you listen to the Cure Shows. That's why we do the Cure Shows. This needs to be documented, and the Cure Shows document it. Knowing how to cure cancer is one thing; doing it is something else again. You need big pestoles to attack a deadly virus, or cancer with this little tool we give you. And viral-based diseases and cancer are easy to cure, relative to many other diseases. You'll need to keep your wits about you -- think on your feet. You'll need a lot of persistence.

You'll need to be the kind of person who plays past failure, and wins. Frannie, our fearless leader, is that kind of person. She taught us that.

Immunics is done in the midst of life. To get the benefits we've gotten, you'll have to do immunics day in and day out -- even in your sleep. That's the bad news. The good news is, once you get going, it takes virtually no time to do immunics. You can literally do it in your sleep -- there are lessons about that -- or do it while you're arguing with a friend, even.

Many New Age growth systems stress that they don't have grades. Whatever you achieve is OK. This is not one of those. There are grades in this college, though we don't give them to you. God does. In this grading system, F is physical death, D is being disfigured or crippled, C is scraping through life like most people, getting three or four colds a year, and with many spiritual and emotional dysfunctions. B means "success" -- it's where you get sick and cure it, and A means you don't even get a twinge. "A" STUDENTS NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO CURE. THEY'RE BORING. They have no good horror stories about their health to tell their friends.

One or maybe all of us writers of this letter must confess that we are not A students and never were. And maybe aren't even trying to be. We hate to say that, but at least for the purpose of this e-mail, it's probably best that we be honest about this. Anyway, that gives us good horror stories to tell about our own health. We succeeded every time. We tell those stories in the 400-odd hours of audio lectures on this web college, and in the 3500 or so URLs of text, peppered throughout everywhere in short bursts. Don't worry though; the lectures and text are not only about our stories, but also about doing immunics.


The best way to train yourself to cure things is to listen to other people curing things. That's what we have the Cure Show. KEEP THE CURE SHOW ON ALL DAY, LIKE A RADIO IN THE BACKGROUND, WHILE YOU'RE DOING OTHER THINGS. The things you need to hear will jump out of you. You don't have to concentrate intensely on this. As you go throughout the day, you will pick up immunics. You will also BECOME AN IMMUNER. Being an immuner is different than learning, and doing immunics, and the difference is too extensive to go into it this time, but you probably have some inkling of what I'm talking about.

Immuners are special people. We cure things. Immuner meets disease, disease dies. That's the rule. We'll expect this from you. We also realize that all of us become better at immunics with practice and experience, so we'll also expect steady growth, no matter how good you were when you started.

We expect a lot from you.

It is doing activities throughout the day like listening to Cure shows that cause ordinary people like you and me to turn into Immuners, though back when I was your "age" I didn't have the Cure Show, so I had to just walk in the forest and do immunics all day. After awhile, that did it, but it took several years. Now I see people become Immuners in a matter of weeks.

And that's not just because we have Cure shows, or an iCollege. It's because the rest of us exist.

Fortunately there are no semesters in this college, and the only "end of term" grades come for those people who have serious or terminal illnesses. In a certain sense, though, they come even for you, if you get a cold and let that cold "run its course"-- that's an F, at least for that cold. You didn't die, but you lost the game. Don't do that, you'll bring shame on all of us.

The lady who let her husband and brother talk her out of curing her cancer lost the game. Well, she wasn't very immune to them, was she? Immunics doesn't just immunize you against diseases. You can also teach yourself to immunize yourself to people. Which may mean that you are still able to actively love and be in relationship with them, but you don't go down with them and their dysfunctions in a pile of waving arms and legs on the floor. This would be a very hard and negative way to speak of human healing if immunics were not a completely replicable and dependable skill. But since it is, it isn't.

This is just what you need to know about your necessary mental attitude. Handling your health is probably the most serious life-and-death game there is. Let's put it this way: if you're sloppy with your finances, you just end up broke. If you're sloppy with your health, well . . . .

If you're one of those people who have given only minimal attention to your health -- you drink decaf coffee or lite beer - joining this e-mail list is a commitment to change that.

-- -- --

Contributing to others is an important part of healing yourself, and we'll expect you to contribute in any way you feel able to.

We know how difficult it can be to focus on contributing something to somebody else when you're sick. This difficulty with contributing actually can be one of the symptoms of any illness -- and illness can be spiritual, emotional, or physical. Most illnesses, even medically diagnosed physical ones, are all three. You wouldn't be reading this, or have this Web college, unless a great many people had contributed a great many things. And some of that was quite difficult for them. Pay it forward.

What's the contribution that we need most? We need every person on this planet who has something that immunics cures to know that they can cure it with immunics. You can contribute by forwarding this e-mail to others, and then pestering them by forwarding more e-mail to them, till they either change their e-mail address and don't give you the new one or cure something.

This is war. We have to fight. You fighting; that's a contribution. Become more immune and you will become more able to contribute.

-- -- --

If you are fighting a lethal or crippling disease, first COMPLETE ALL 4 SEGMENTS OF YOUR BASIC IMMUNICS FILM TUTORIAL TO GET THE BASICS, THEN LISTEN TO CURE SHOWS, AND SOMETIMES OTHER AUDIOS, ALL DAY and evening while doing your own immunics. You must do your own immunics while listening. Don't try to hear every word -- the salient points in what you're listening to will jump out at you. Focus on applying the things you're hearing, actually doing immunics while you listen.

If your computer is inadequate to do this, buy a new one.

Get as many people as you possibly can INTO YOUR HOME FOR STUDY GROUPS to help you do immunics. Listen to talks, and when the signal to discuss is given, follow the instructions and do immunics together. It is much easier to cure a disabling or lethal disease in a study group than single-handedly. That's why they have U.N. Peacekeeping Forces instead of U.N. Peacekeeping Guys. If you are fighting a lethal or crippling disease, meet as many times per week (day) as possible.

OK, now go to the "HUB" of this one iCollege and get started:

frannie and daisy's puppy   Sincerely, Frannie

Frances Hora, an elder of  WHUM

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