The Way of Immunity
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Module: Immunity issues

Paradigm shift:

they discover and exactly pinpoint their own insufficiencies and interact with or make an unbreakable commitment to clearing them up.

testing handAre there any ways you are immunologically insufficient?

If yes, ask what area:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional

For each area, ask:

Tell me some of the symptoms.

Can you clear some of these in under six months? All?

Write it up? Sign with:

I hereby commit to removing these ways I am immunilogically insufficient in under the times I've tested it's possible to.

Are you willing to teach yourself whatever you need to transform yourself to immunological sufficiency?

Have you RIKed?

A difference in you?

  • What's gone
  • What have you just gotten rid of?
  • What won't you do, be, or have now?
  • Are there any results/goals/ visions you can now drop, let go of, cease pursuing?

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