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3 Spiritual Diseases - Conditions, Deformity, Negative Beingness

Do I  "have" any pathologies that exist outside of my own bodies? Can I still remove them? Have I already affected or removed parts of these pathologies while doing the earlier skills? If I address these pathologies in myself directly, will I learn important things about myself? About other people?  testing hand

What happens when the world gets wind of this?

Have some of these pathologies caused me to discount my self-worth? The worth of others? Have some caused me to betray? Have some caused in me a deep belief that it's impossible for me to do certain things? testing hand


Skill  9

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The things we've been studying up to now as the roots of disease are actually just a higher order of symptomatology. We are now seeing past that to the real roots, which are conditions, deformity, and negative beingness - the last three pathologies. They don't really exist as such. They're holographic. They're everywhere and nowhere, in the environment and in you.   They're doozies.
  Your audio talk for this application is:

The last three pathologies

Running time:  1 hr. 6 min.


We live in a century...


Commentaries on
The Last Three Pathologies


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Skill 9: The Last Three Pathologies - lesson overview page

    Test the following statements:



Most people have too much pathology to be able to make the right choices. In pathology a person will make an obviously wrong choice and won't even know it.

But people need to make choices, from whatever condition they're in. This is because choosing, in any form, upgrades power level so after choosing his life will actually improve, even from a bad choice. You have to take the leap of faith and make choices. Choosing, from any level of consciousness, does produce an improvement. Choosing works. You get healthier, clearer, happier, wiser. Making choices clears things.

And you are much more powerful when you announce your choice to everyone you know. The more you announce, the more you talk about it, the more specific you make your choice, and the more often you remake that choice each day, the more clearing effect the choice will have.

At no point would we tell you that you weren't capable of making a choice. But essentially you must know that when you make a choice from a symptomatology, the choice will always take you to the wrong place. Perhaps a better place than where you were, but not the place you would want to go to, and would have gone to, if you didn't have the symptomatology.

- Bayard


Do the above quotes seem disjointed or irrelevant to you?

Now just test these questions:

Are there still pathologies in my higher bodies?

Are they deformity?


Pathological being?

And then, if you wish, use the answer as a prompt to make up more questions for your own inquiry about this topic.

If you get answers that seem strange...

Also ask: Am I now operating from perceptions that are beyond the usual five senses?


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