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Are You Well Yet?

Does self-evaluation, when used without blame, produce change? testing hand

What happens when the world gets wind of this?


Your Self-Assessment Skill

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Please listen carefully, because not very many people know what this is - not even Harmonic masters

Running time: 36 min.


We live in a century...


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Your Self-Assessment Skill: Are You Well Yet? - lesson overview page

    Test the following statements:


Can I talk from my heart today?

Immunity is harmony. Those who practice immunics are making a choice in the direction of peace. We stay connected, heart to heart, to the special people who love us.

We know who they are because they come to us in our dreams.

How about you? Did you test the question I started this with? If not, do so now.

Wow. Oh, my God, can we ever move far away from our heart and still feel pretty good. Take me, for example.

I was a master at addressing the issues in my life without being connected to the hearts of my loved ones.

One thing I will say for myself: I did learn how to feel love without immediately going into my sex mode. Now there's a nice accomplishment.

Still, I have a ways to go before I stay connected to the empowering hearts that surround me while thinking through an issue.

Can I get there right now?

I test yes.

- Bayard

Do the above quotes seem disjointed or irrelevant to you?

Now just test this one question:

Is there any such thing as well?

And then, if you wish, use the answer as a prompt to make up more questions for your own inquiry about this topic.

If you get answers that seem strange...

Also ask: Am I now operating from perceptions that are beyond the usual five senses?


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