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Caroline Myss-style self healing
Do-it-yourself chakra balancing

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If you're a colleague, or are learning these skills through your doctor, caregiver, caregiver organization, or support group, go to the colleague hub.


You can probably pick this up most easily with your on-line tutorial audios and movies, though there are also text tutorials.

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The advantage with the audio and movie tutorials is that you'll see and hear people do this, and you may find it easy to do it yourself after a few minutes of listening or watching.         

If you're a doctor, caregiver, caregiver organization, or support group, go through the doctor, caregiver, helping organization and support group entrance.decorative graphic

Astrologers -  a new precision tool for you
This skill can save time, plus adds depth and fun to your next reading

This skill will help you to enjoy and trust yourself more during your astrological sessions and readings.

On your own, or with another.

This skill also enhances your ability to access multi-dimensional karmic information that your current astrological methods may have pointed to but not yet confirmed - at least not in a way you could test on your own.

Use your new skill to ask questions about which direction to take your astrological inquiries in to create the most powerful readings for you or for your astrology client.

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Comprehensive Version

an instructional documentary film about your instant way to remove, install and know

Play it right through your computer. You'll see people teach this to themselves, and possibly begin to do it yourself within 10 minutes of starting this film.

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