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space How To Cure ANYTHING -- The Essential Elements

1. Use your FEAR

2. Test a great many QUESTIONS about the disease

3. Spend the necessary MONEY to cure the disease (have the necessary money to cure the disease)

4. Tell AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE that you have the disease, that you're trying to cure it, and do this in such a way that you imply that you will accept their help/advice/and let in their love and healing


6. Be onto yourself -- be onto your own shenanigans

7. Take the long, necessary series of COURAGEOUS ACTIONS

8. Be TIRELESS and CEASELESS in implementing all the above approaches until LONG AFTER YOUR NEGATIVE MEDICAL TEST -- until you are certain that the disease is really dead

9. THE 10,000 HOUR RULE -- The more you do anything the more you like it and the better you get at it

-- The CureTeam

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