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   A "SIB" enables us to see, hear, and feel -- know we're doing it 

A SIB is simply an undeniable discovery that you've used Harmonic accessing to bring in select, real, and relevant information from an outside source - a higher intelligence - by means beyond your five senses, and that the information was selected and organized for you by that higher intelligence.

Or that you've used Harmonic accessing to tap into an ability, such as the ability to alter your DNA, that is beyond normal human means.

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A SIB is a striking outcome.

It's something that you are aware would have happened only as a result of Harmonic accessing - not that it couldn't have happened some other way, but in this case it happened as a result of Harmonic accessing.

It shows you that Harmonic accessing is real, that you are actually bringing in a higher form of knowledge from a higher intelligence, dependably and of your own volition, and that you are also accessing a higher set of abilities by the grace of a higher power.

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