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   Examples of "SIB's"
  • Your finger pops or sticks without you controlling it.
  • You test something you couldn't have known where the odds were thousands to one against guessing it right, and it turns out to be so.

    (An example of this is the parasite story - how I killed a parasitic infestation I got from drinking water out of the wrong mountain stream.)
  • You hurt, and were dwelling in negative emotions or thoughts. You tested that they were caused by pathologies in your higher bodies. You removed those pathologies, and the negative "reality" literally vanished. In its place was peace.
  • You felt yourself starting to get a flu and removed it from your higher bodies. You didn't need to take any substances. It disappeared.
  • You change the way your cat is acting by removing dysfunctions from the cat's higher bodies (yes, cats have them, too).
  • You change the way your lover is acting by removing dysfunctions from his or her higher bodies.
  • As a result of your skill with immunics, your regularly scheduled herpes outbreak is now three weeks late.
  • You received a piece of information you have been looking for your whole life.
  • You gave someone else a piece of information they have been looking for their whole life.
  • Someone you care about suddenly behaved in a way you always wanted them to or saw something you wanted them to see.
  • You saw a behavior in yourself that you were previously blind to that blocked a result you've been after, and now see a way to the result.
  • You forgive someone you previously couldn't.
  • Somebody explodes at you and you still feel great. And loving.
  • In the middle of a horrible fight with your spouse, you stop yelling and start being loving.
  • You successfully passed through a major turning point in your life.
  • You helped someone else successfully pass through a major turning point.
  • You used immunics to prevent or forestall an impending disaster.
  • You hooked up with someone who is perfect for you in love, business, or life.
  • You broke a pattern you've been trying to break (and we don't mean china).

    The seven lively SIBs according to Keely:
  • Your bikini wax lasts an extra six weeks.
  • You're at Le Bec Fin for an anniversary dinner with your boyfriend when you suddenly notice that your shoes don't match your pocketbook -- and you don't even get upset.
  • Your older brother marries your Jenny Craig instructor and she gives you a family discount on your membership.
  • You do a long-distance chiropractic-type Harmonic adjustment on O.J. Simpson while you watch him be interviewed on Hard Copy. As you're adjusting his T4, he suddenly admits he's guilty.
  • You have five servings of fresh fruit or vegetables every day for a week without needing a bagel to wash them down.
  • You're on line at Last Call at Neiman Marcus and use the Harmonic to remove pathologies from the saleslady's higher bodies without telling her you're doing it. She gives you an additional 30% off those gray velvet Manolo Blahnik pumps.
  • You're having sex with your boyfriend and you allow yourself to get so excited that you drop your nail file.

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