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   The calm, clear place is not just a good feeling   

The calm, clear place is a timeless state where everything seems slow, but where things go fast, and where you make choices quickly - because there's a real absence of toxic emotions and other symptoms of disease, not just the physical ones but also the spiritual ones.

The calm, clear place is an absence of pathology and immune dysfunction.

When you're in the CCP you're asymptomatic.

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Your symptoms, or certain ones, are absent.

So the CCP is not the same as the inner peace that people reach with most other meditations. Though that kind of peace helps, too.

When you're not in the CCP, it means that there is something wrong with you.

The calm, clear place is also a state.

These are states. Immunity is a state. Calmness is a state.

Even knowingness is a state. Knowingness is different from knowing things. Knowingness is the awareness that you can know, even when you don't know. It's the awareness that you've got what you need in there somewhere, and you can and will find it, even if you don't see it right now.

Knowingness is a state of being, not something you know - though it includes knowing that you can know. When you're not in the state, this sounds like doubletalk. When you are in the state, this is the way it is.

A simple way to relate to this is to ask yourself, "Am I in the calm, clear place?" If you get a no, use your Harmonic skills to bring yourself here.


Reading this is worthless without that.

The calm, clear place is a context.

It's the presence of unfamiliar function that you either didn't have or weren't aware of when you weren't in the calm, clear place, or function that was only minimally present and is now overwhelmingly apparent and accessible now that you're in the calm, clear place.  The sense of confidence you feel when you're in the calm, clear place comes from the presence of this function, as well as from the absence of pathology and immune dysfunction.

Isn't it true that you are simply less confident if you are immunologically insufficient or battling a pathology, physical or otherwise? Most people learn to put on a facade of confidence, even when they already have some level of confidence. But the reason that the calm, clear place is so different from the non-calm, clear place is because the facade is absent and the function is present.

So the calm, clear place is more than a nice feeling.

It's what you get to when you're getting well.

When you're in he calm, clear place, it means you're a little more well. So the calm, clear place is a state. It's a reality.

Another way to put this is: feelings aren't real, the calm, clear place is.

Now don't get stuck in your head about this. People try to argue for the reality of their feelings, and we're not disputing that. Knowing when to act on a bad feeling (and when not to) is an important function. But too many people make feelings the end state. Isn't that's why you sometimes cringe in the presence of  all the touchy-feely stuff that passes for results on talk shows and in life? Feelings come from an inability of the mental body to cope. When you're having a heavy emotional feeling - obviously we're not talking about joy here - it usually means there's something wrong with your mental body.

A feeling is a signal. A signal of lowered immunity. It may mean there is something wrong with your environment that you are trying to interact with through your mental body.

The point is that the state, the calm, clear place, is a reality, whereas the feeling is simply an indicator, a symptom, a signpost to some kind of real or perceived inability to cope.
Grief, hurt, longing, loss, sadness - these feelings are symptoms. They're not "wrong." But in themselves, they aren't real other than the fact that they point to a real dysfunction.

The calm, clear place is function.

The calm, clear place is where you go when you do Harmonic accessing. It is also the context that makes Harmonic accessing so easy. Possible, even.

The calm, clear place is the beginning and the end

Now do some testing for yourself.

testing hand Can you feel good and not be in the calm, clear place?

What's the difference?

What's remiss?   

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