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   The calm, clear place is the beginning and the end

The calm, certain place. The cool, collected place. The cute but competent place. The completely capable place.

The good feeling is critical.

Pay close attention to how you feel when you do this stuff.

It's all you have to go on.

You won't really know you've killed your herpes, for example, till you've gone without an outbreak for at least nine months longer than the longest you ever went without one. So if that's what you use for a yardstick, you won't know this is working till then. And suppose you get an outbreak? What about that? This could be working and you could still get an outbreak, you know.

The only thing you have to go on is how you feel in this moment, after an immunic action.

Get to know the calm, clear, happy, peaceful place like the back of your hand so you can instantly recognize it when it happens and instantly recognize when you're not there.

You now have the ability to stay there all the time, including when you're asleep. If you're not there for five minutes, you may make yourself sick. A lot can happen in five minutes -- a lot of bad stuff. And the place of struggle probably doesn't feel that bad to you. If you're like most of us, it feels like normal, day-to-day operation.

It may be much easier for you to notice the calm, clear place then the place of struggle. The place of struggle feels normal, the calm, clear place feels abnormal. The calm, clear place is striking, perhaps overwhelming. The difference is mind-boggling sometimes for every Harmonic master.

Still, you've got to notice it, you've got to look for it.

Also pay attention to solid spiritual progress that you make. One indicator is that you are loving.

This love can take many forms.

Some of them are:

  • An increase in your self respect
  • Increased acceptance of the difference between you and others
  • Enjoyment and happiness when you see strangers having fun
  • Appreciation of other people's connection to God
  • New appreciation of ways other people have of connecting to God that are different from yours
  • The end of struggle to change those you love
  • Willingness to do and enjoy what other people want to do

Look out for new forms of love

They indicate solid spiritual advancement.

The calm, clear place is all there is 

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  Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 03/18/10