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   Sometimes I think that God put viruses on this planet so people could teach themselves immunics by killing them 

Things I'm going to say here may sound a bit strange to a beginner, because they're the reverse of what they seem.

People who are into alternative healing often focus on things like clearing emotions and negative programming. They think doing that stuff will help with their disease, which usually it doesn't. People think it's simpler and easier to handle emotions.

Removing cancer and viral-based diseases seems impossible; clearing your emotions seems easy. But handling your emotions is much harder than killing a virus

Killing a virus is something beginners can learn right up front.

It's a good way for them to discover their powers.

I sometimes think that God put viruses on this planet for the purpose of introducing people to Harmonic accessing, because otherwise it would just be too far out for them. Mass dissemination of something like this needs a simple, obvious result that people can win with, like killing viruses, that's also critically important.

That's why we focus on that particular result first.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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