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Does God do it or do you do it?

This is one of those silly chicken and egg theological questions that mainly interests people who fear God. And, as Meher Baba said, "If you fear God, how can you love him?"

However, it does contain the keys to an important issue.

If you've noticed, people in every religion pray to God for healing. Some get it, some don't. Some who do get it wait a long time for it.

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Why does God treat them this way?

Obviously he's waiting for them to discover something in the process of interacting with him about the healing. In your case
those discoveries are immediate, so the healing comes immediately. If you have a medication allergy and remove it from your higher bodies, five minutes later you won't be, for example,  nauseous from your medication any more. You don't need your nausea because the interaction with God is complete.

Christ said, "Even those among you can do as I have done, and even greater things." 

That can be taken two ways.

It can mean that we have within us the miraculous healing powers of Christ.

It can also mean that the healing Christ did was ordinary, something anyone can do, and that the reason to love Christ, to be with him in spirit and in soul, is not because he's a miracle worker (which you are also), but because you're attracted to his divinity.

And yes; Christ meant, by saying that, to show you the miraculous reality that is your real self.

The point here is that you love God for who he is, God, and not for what he can do for you.

Meher Baba put it this way. He said, "To love me for what I can give you is not to love me at all." 

God is your buddy on the path to who you are - which is God.

The Harmonic would be worthless without God.

Your ultimate reality is God. You literally are God. At the end of your journey you arrive at your real state and come to know yourself as this. In the interim God points you in the right direction by showing you that you can do things like kill viruses.

When you do that, you've connected with him. And you love God, not for what he can do for you - because you did it for yourself - but for the friendship and enjoyment you feel with God as you work hand in hand with him to heal, or maybe to just feel good

People who have theological problems with what I'm saying  will probably find other ways to induce God to heal them if they try hard enough.

God will work within anyone's belief system.

She's your friend and all she cares about is reaching you. She loves you.

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