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What are you ready for?

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

We do not expect you to have removed or installed, or even to know, the items indicated in a skill before you go on to a "higher" skill.

Higher skills aren't necessarily "higher." They're just skills.

The internal logic of the Way of Immunics is not a hierarchical journey. It is instead a set of groupings, and these are grouped by relevance, not by your ability to do them.

Look, let's put it this way: You have some ability to do anything in the Way of Immunics. - that is, unless you test no, you can't RIK it right now. But usually you don't get an absolute no for something like that; you'll get a hesitant yes or a yes/no, meaning sure you can RIK it, but you'll probably have to come back to it.

And anyway, even when the Harmonic says absolutely yes, you can RIK it, you may not RIK it very well. You may still have to come back to it later.

Take it from us, we've been down the pike with the Harmonic. It keeps saying things are gone, and later they whack us.

So why do we group things the way we do?

The Way of Immunics groupings are as they are because they shed light on one another, and because you'll probably encounter the other ones in the grouping where you encounter the one you're confronting now. The fact that we've put them together will simply cause you to understand what you'll probably already be suspecting: that there's something else in there, or over there, and maybe a glimpse of what that is.

We try our best to help you give form to it. But that doesn't mean that you'll understand it - or even that you need to right now. It just means you'll know where to look in the future when you are ready to understand it.

So it might actually be easier for you to RIK something in Skill 10 than something in Skill 4, for example. And if you ever book test through the skills, you'll discover that you're often told by the Harmonic to go to something you weren't ready for, and not do something you thought you were ready for.

Because the Harmonic knows, often more than we, about what it's time for us to do.

Which is why we pay it such an exorbitant salary, and gave it such an attractive retirement package, not to mention the gold watch.

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