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Unravel the Pathological Matrix

Can a set of specific pathologies inspire a pathological structure that transcends them, and that can continue to exist after the original pathologies are removed? testing hand

What happens when the world gets wind of this?

Is it possible for me to have removed all pathologies and immune dysfunctions from all my bodies and still have my disease? Is my disease partially a construct of the consciousness of others? Can I affect others' consciousness with my higher functions? And are their higher functions continually affecting mine? Sometimes for the worse? testing hand

What is the real disease we're curing?


Skill  10

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The matrix formed by your pathologies is more than the sum of its parts
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What it takes to unravel it

Running time:  1 hr. 8 min.

The dimensions, part 2: The role of dimensions in immunity and immune dysfunction, dangerous powers, and grief and grieving

Running time:  1 hr. 1 min.


We live in a century...


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Unravel the 
Pathological Matrix


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Skill 10: Unravel the Pathological Matrix - lesson overview page


  Test the following statements:


Just as the eyes don't see themselves, we don't see our disease.

Not until we've cleared up at least some of it. Any aspect of non-physical disease that remains in what I call "100% state" is absolutely invisible to it's host. This is how what we know to be self-destructive behaviors in those we love can seem completely normal to them.

People wonder why they come down with a physical illness just as some wonderful break in their life is happening.

It's three days before their testimonial dinner, or they're getting married, and suddenly they became physically ill and can't understand why. They know there's a connection, they know that it's not just a coincidence that they contracted a physical illness right before something wonderful was scheduled. This is what disease looks like.

The disease was there before the physical illness took shape.

We never really hate a person. We hate their disease.

Disease destroys caring when the disease is non-physical, when neither partner have any way of viewing the sickness as a disease. When the disease becomes the person, when it is a non-physical infection, when the disease becomes indistinguishable from the person, when it invades every aspect of their personality, when it makes them be combative, stingy, vapid, or any of a thousand other hurtful ways, the loathing we feel for the disease - well, for us it is a loathing of the person.

It's easy, or at least easier, for us to keep liking and loving loved ones when they become physically ill. Even when the physical illness enervates them so that they verbally or even physically assault us. Even when, as a result of their physical pain, they manipulate us emotionally.

But when the disease is non-physical, our love is undermined and our alliance with them becomes vulnerable. Wonderful friendships and love affairs end because somebody had a flare-up of an illness that was dormant at the beginning. Or where the partners keep reinfecting each other.

Disease destroys caring.

Really it is our powerlessness in the face of the others diseased and destructive behaviors that we loathe, that destroys our caring.

That is until we see through it. Until we see only a sick and suffering person. To see another's disease that clearly, I must have at least have begun to remove my own disease.

When I love someone who is locked in disease, and I recognize and remove my own disease, understanding and forgiveness for him flowers in my heart.

Suddenly I do truly love the person. And I see his disease for what it is. I also don't find the disease as horrible. I'm not even as repulsed by it. I have my power back.

Now I feel like I can do something.


Do the above quotes seem disjointed or irrelevant to you?

Now just ask the Harmonic this one question:

Can I differentiate my disease from myself?


And then, if you wish, use the answer as a prompt to make up more questions for your own inquiry about this topic.

If you get answers that seem strange...

Also ask: Am I now operating from perceptions that are beyond the usual five senses?       


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