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Get by doing

You don't get this from reading about it. Unless, while you read about it, you do it. Some new people find written explanations of immunics (what's taught in this web collage) incomprehensible.  

But those same people do pretty well when they start teaching it to themselves.

This Cure College we've created has a bunch of good writing - but for passive readers, maybe not so good. Maybe just confusing. It can still be good, but it's not going to be as good as it will be for you if you testing handtest your way through it, if you use it as a lesson and apply everything you can. Variations of techniques we show you - though they may seem strange to you at first - are already used by thousands of people. Many but not all of them are doctors, nurses, and other healing professionals.

You are more likely to cure things with immunics when you prove to yourself at least one of these things

If you can testing handtest your way through this writing, you can do that with any writing.

You can use this to check anything you read or have been told anywhere. And also to check anything else. What is effective and what isn't, and just how effective is it relative to anything else. If you're going to an acupuncturist, you can test if you need one. If you get yes, you can test if yours is the best one. If not, you can test through the phone book for the best one.

The combination of the Harmonic and your fingers enables you to know anything.

Things happen for you a lot faster if you use Harmonic accessing to test, for example, what to click on the Web. There are lots of helpful information sources out there. That is, if you can check them. If you can't - well, some things they tell you would mislead you and are extremely dangerous. Basically, accepting information others have discovered first helps.

Just put safety first.

If you test that your acupuncturist is the wrong one, before you test through the phone book, test a bunch more questions to find out why. If it's something that tests as correctable, test about the advisability of simply discussing the issues with the acupuncturist you have.

Also bear in mind that compulsive testing is an addiction

A little new knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and it can also ruin a good thing, or a potentially good thing. This is another reason why this is a college: so you don't make the mistakes some of us made, and so that when you make new ones of your own, you can e-mail us about them and we can add them to our lessons, and prevent other people from making the same mistakes. So you can be a colleague to us and others, and have colleagues who help you stay safe, effective, and informed.   

Who is this for?

Yes, the smart rats testing handtest their way through everything.

They're like archeologists who construct a whole dinosaur from one little femur. They'll hear something - a hint - for example, that a non-physical body, such as the emotional body or the etheric body, can get sick just like the physical body can -

and before they ever do the lessons on viruses, they'll remove a massive set of problems caused by viruses.

Sometimes I think that God put viruses on this planet so people could teach themselves Harmonic accessing by killing them

Oops - did we imply that viruses cause problems other than just physical?. Well, gee, there's another hint, isn't there?

They'll think to take it farther than I was suggesting, and come up with new questions. They'll make up questions like, oh, for example,

testing hand Can I remove stuff without specifically knowing what it is?

And when they get a yes on that, they will. In clearing, a rule we follow is go from the general to the specific.

We also have a saying:

First you clear it, then you clear it.

It means that in 10 seconds you'll take out a million years of karma. And later you may very possibly want to study that stuff you took out more closely, in order to get more precise direction for your actions, your karmayoga, in the present.

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

Any little mistake is a little movement away from God; any little correction is a little movement towards God.

Be very precise.

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