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Watch for things you do that surprise you.

When you do something you always knew you could never do, and that surprises you, or when you do something consistently that you previously could do only sporadically, and that surprises you, make a mental note of it.

You want to be surprised --

Surprised by your own power.

Surprised by your ability to heal yourself.

Surprised by the speed of your change. 

Surprised by your surges of joy.

Surprised by God's involvement with you and willingness to instantly answer your questions.

Make mental notes of all surprises

If you do Harmonic accessing and immunics throughout the day, this may mean you'll be making scores of mental notes each day. It's important that you do that. Even if the notes get so plentiful that they clog your nervous system, keep making them.

You need them. For one thing, they help you to not take the Harmonic for granted, which means you keep learning.

Another reason to note things that surprise you is because later on, when you think you can't do something, you'll remember that you were previously surprised by all the things you thought you couldn't do and did.

The Harmonic will enable you to do anything. Use it for that.

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