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Harmonic accessing will verify
anything . . .

. . .  if you check (test) what you, for example, read . . .

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and actually test your immunic actions, to make sure you've done them.

For a herpes sufferer, this is simple. You remove herpes from your higher bodies, then test that you did so. Then you test that you tested accurately.

Another example: Check tests with still another type of test by asking a different question about the same thing (e.g., "When I asked that question, was I being interfered with? Did the interference affect my answer? Was my answer inaccurate? If I were being interfered with, would I be able to test for it?" etc.).

Ask enough different questions about the same thing to satisfy you that your answers are consistent.

And so we get a precept:

First do. Then test what you did. Then test what you tested.

When you are a beginner - and when you start anything new or anything important, you are always a beginner - you test enough to make dead sure.

Next precept:

Follow our directions, but test our directions, too.

Test everything you are told. Never take anything on faith.

True skeptics [are] those who are prepared to accept that anything is impossible, no matter the sheer volume of observations arrayed in opposition.

- Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, The Wisdom of the Body

The Harmonic and immunics really are for the skeptics of the world - the people who don't believe what they're told and always have to check it, and the people who keep asking another question and another and another..

Yes, there is a type of pathological skepticism that causes people to reject immunics. That fear of trying it is an immune dysfunction. Ultimately it causes death in the person possessing it - and I'm not talking about spiritual death here, I'm talking about physical death from disease that goes uncured due to the immune dysfunction.

Healthy skepticism

But the kind of skepticism healthy people have - inquisitiveness - is really an active distrust. It's an attitude that goes something like this: "You mean well, but you could be wrong, so I better check what you're telling me."

People with that skepticism, that inquisitiveness, are survivors. They're the ones who go back and double check that their kid turned off the stove or their boss signed the check before putting it in the envelope.

If you are one of those people, you will do very well with this.

This is how you access

Be willing to ask the same exact question six times.

You check everything you access.

Many people who join our ministry are already Harmonic masters. If you are already a Harmonic master, here are some things that methodically verifying everything you access will do for you:

  • increase your accuracy
  • cause you to ask questions you never would have thought of, questions that will make a critical difference in your health, well-being, and success
  • get you immediate answers to those questions, with no fooling around (yes, right then and there, in the middle of the park, where there isn't even a phone - instant, precise intuition)
  • remove fear and timidity
  • instill self-confidence (anybody who can do what we do can't help but be self-confident)
  • strengthen your intuition and your connection with God
  • align you with the people you love (you won't be trying to get from them what you should be doing for yourself)

Harmonic access is about verification. Verify everything.

How you test is specific to you, too

Everybody is different. Some people, when they try to open their fingers, never get them to open. All they experience is a slight tremor, or no tremor at all. And those are the two different answers: the tremor is yes, the lack of it is no.

For others, it can be the speed with which the finger slips open.

In my case, I get no/yeses that way. My fingers will hold for a second, then pop. That's a no/yes. This is different from what I call a yes/no, which is asking the same question but getting a different answer each time, or an alternating pattern of my fingers opening and staying shut when I ask the same question over and over again.

Asking the same question over and over again and watch the variants of answers. By noticing the pattern, the changes, you can get a degree of yes/no. If you alter the intention of the question without altering the question itself, you can find out what the yes/no means.

Aren't these principles of scientific inquiry?

Continue asking past the point where you get a pat answer.  Test past the yes/no to find out if there is a more subtle and sophisticated communication coming through.

You inquire down every conceivable line to make sure you're not missing anything.

Follow threads to cures.

If I had herpes and I knew someone else had cured it with this, I would want to make doggone sure that I actually cured it, too.

And if I had AIDS - well, fortunately my curing of herpes was as easy as pie. I took it out, I kept it out. Bingo, no herpes. No problems, not a lot of conflicting information coming through. I found the right body right away. That body continued to be the only body where I ever got it, so I was right the first time. Easy to check frequently whether it was there or not.

The herpes took about 18 months to actually die in my physical body, so I could have gotten an outbreak at any time during those 18 months, and once four months had passed, I was overdue for an outbreak. If it ever felt like a herpes outbreak was coming on, I could always block it instantly. I was always quicker than the herpes. (If I had gotten an outbreak, I would have had to let it run its course, so thank goodness I didn't let it go that far.)

Don't take testing literally

From the very beginning, I tested that I had no herpes left in my physical body. If no herpes in physical body, who even cares if it's in the higher bodies?

Unsafe thinking.

If I had thought I was "safe" after testing it was out of my physical body, I would still be getting physical  outbreaks.

When we test that our herpes is zero, the message we're getting is valid. When I reduce any pathogen to zero, I feel very different within a minute or two - I feel great. But that great feeling shouldn't influence me to stop checking myself for it. Reducing herpes to zero is probably a critical part of killing herpes forever. It doesn't mean you should take your test literally, or literally enough so that you don't continue to check for it.

However, another factor is that when you test that you don't have it, you don't have to do anything to it. Find something else to kill.

Access with a friend

It will be helpful at times to access with a friend.

When I say helpful, I mean that having a friend to access with can make the difference between killing a bug (for example, an intestinal parasite) yourself or winding up in the doctor's office.

Why would you use a friend when you have been doing so well at Harmonic accessing by yourself?

Any illness, whether it manifests in the physical body or some other body, will alter the way you think, feel, and function. It will lower your immune response. You will not "know" things you would know if you didn't have the sickness.

You might test great about some things, but when it comes to tests that affect the pathogen in question, you may be imprecise.

Your friend may be sicker than you. But because a) there will inevitably be a difference in your sicknesses, and b) your combined energies will be stronger than the energies of either of you separately, your answers will be far more precise if you access and test together.

This is especially true when you are accessing a remedy that involves physical substances - herbs, supplements, even foods.

Books help

If you have a book that names all the herbs, it will be easier to test for them. Various books on diet will give you recommendations that could, under other circumstances, just be nice, effective things to do, but under the circumstances of a specific sickness could be critical actions that will handle the problem within minutes. If you have books like this on your shelf, you can actually access which book, which page, which paragraph contains the necessary information.

We give you lots of information on this site. But Harmonic accessing is not like things that give information. Harmonic accessing is your ability to access the truth for yourself.

Thank you,


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