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   Immunics would be worthless without God

Our title is somewhat oxymoronic. The two are inseparable. Or to be more precise, immunics depends. immunics is like a lot of other holy entities that exist in the holy realms of existence - the Akashic records, the Christ consciousness, the Force, the field of dreams, the quantum field of all possibilities that generates synchronicity.

It really doesn't matter that this cures disease

Well, hey - in a sense the physical universe itself is a holy entity, isn't it?

Of course it is. It's as real as the Akashic records, it just has different properties. And the Akashic records are as real as the physical universe. As Allah once put it, the moving finger writes, and not a line is ever erased. (Forgive my crude paraphrase.) These all depend on God for their existence.

And without God they would be worthless. 

The universe would be an awful trap - a hell, in fact - if we didn't have God. And it is, for people who don't have God, or don't think they do.

Also, the universe would be awful without the other holy entities.

What would this universe be like without the Christ consciousness? Horrendous, right? Even if you're not a Christian, if you are just a sane person, in some sense or other you draw on, make use of, and are supported, uplifted, by the Christ consciousness.

The Akashic records would be a long list of unpleasant facts, many of them about you, without the presence of God. If there were no God, there wouldn't be any Christ consciousness.

And you know what?

Probably no immunics either.

Because all immunics is is an overtone in the basic universal harmony that enables you to access things like the Christ consciousness, the field of all possibilities, the Akashic records, etc., etc.

What do you think you're doing when you access and remove your trauma from a past life? That's an access of the Akashic records.

How about when you annihilate one of your ego bodies? Well, that's the Christ consciousness.

Of course, if you're new to this work, ego bodies are probably an idiotic new jargon that you don't need in your life. Past lives you can get - everybody knows there are past lives, it was even on 60 Minutes. But ego bodies, nobody's ever heard of except a handful of Harmonic masters who did some very deep accessing. But you know what? When you get rid of one of them, you sure do feel better. Not only that, but some ego bodies suck up all your energy, so when you remove them you have more energy. And some take all your money, or big chunks of it, so when you get rid of one of those ego bodies, you start putting something away for the future, or just have a little extra to make you and your loved ones happy with.

This stuff is practical.

Meher Baba put the practical issue this way.

When the person is being awakened and enters the path, he begins by realizing the need for true light. In the initial stages the effort to attain this light takes the form of intellectual discrimination between the lasting and the transitory, the true and the false, the real and the unreal, the important and the unimportant.

For the spiritual aspirant, however, it is not enough to exercise merely intellectual discrimination between the false ad the true. [Intellectual discrimination] yields its fruit only when newly perceived values are brought into relation with practical life. From the spiritual viewpoint, what matters is not theory but practice.

- Discourses, "Qualifications of the Aspirant: I"

So to simplify what Baba wants you to know about this, it's


Spirituality must be practical, or it's worthless.



God doesn't have to be practical to be worth something. God has absolute value whether practical or not. God is beyond practicality and worth, or lack thereof.

God is ultimately you.

You could say you're all you've got. You could say God's all you've got. Same thing. When something is all you've got, it's not worthy or worthless. It just is.

But since you are able to test, let's ask a question:

testing hand       

Is that so?

Immunics actually could not exist without God. But if it could, it would be worthless without God.

You would just be getting a bunch of empty information to continue on the treadmill of a Godless world, a world devoid of love, light, and synchronicity.

But then, who knows? Since God is part of this, there's no way to tell what things would be like without God. They might be great. And they certainly are great for lots of people who don't think God exists.

And none of these things are God. The Akashic records aren't God, they're records. Immunics isn't God, it's an overtone in the fabric of the universe. Synchronicity isn't God - though you're more Godlike, certainly, when you're synchronistic. Synchronicity is just something you generate when you step outside of the karmic forces that are usually impelling you onward. And the universe isn't God, it's more like God's shadow.

The Akashic records aren't God. They're records.

And there are lots of other wonderful, holy things that are valuable but not God.

And God isn't valuable. God is God.

God is not to be valued. God is to be worshiped.

Now when you access the Akashic records, you are practicing a form of worship of God. You don't become God by accessing the Akashic records. You may not even become more Godlike.

When you free yourself from a past-life trauma, you certainly do become more Godlike. But that is different from saying you are becoming God.

If you do a meditation where you expand beyond the boundaries of your physical body and beyond the boundaries of your room and beyond the boundaries of this world, until you fill the whole universe, you will be more Godlike. But by no means can you ever become God by doing this.

You become God by God's grace.

Yes, God-realization is possible. But not by any means that you possess. All you can do is take whatever is in the way out of the way, so that you let God work.

That's what you do when you remove a trauma or pathology or expand so that you fill the whole universe.

But doing these things won't necessarily make you a better person - though they probably will make you a more relaxed one. And they may not even be the fastest way to remove what you have in the way of God doing her most intense work with you. It might be more effective to pet your pup, or admit you were wrong, or give your ally what he's been asking for, or be in your body and not expand beyond anywhere, just be in your body, or tell somebody a few things you can't stand about them.

And without God, all these things - doing them, being them, whatever - would be worthless  Because we only do them or be them so God can work with us more effectively.

Haven't you noticed it? When you remove the junk, something comes in and works with you. It's almost instant; it's immediate. If no "event" happens, you can at least feel it. A change happens that you didn't cause.

That's God doing that.

But don't take my word for it. Let's test.

testing hand       

Hey, God, have you been doing that stuff?


Thank you,


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