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   Yes and no

Does our church take an exact position on the subjects I write about?

Well, yes and no.

With us, everything is yes and no. That is the nature of Harmonic accessing.

It's a yes-no situation, a yes-no skill. It reduces everything to two words, yes and no.

It's a binary system

Can you cure lupus solely with immunics? Yes and no.

When testing any question you may even get alternating yes-no answers. Sometimes, if you keep asking a question over and over again, the yeses and nos will form a pattern -- two nos, one yes, for example.

You can alter the "intention" behind a question without altering its wording and get the opposite answer, or a totally different pattern.

The Harmonic is alive. It's interactive. It doesn't want to just say yes or no; it's trying to tell you something. Like it or not, when you access with the Harmonic, you are not dealing with a machine or some kind of solid, "real," dead knowledge that exists and never changes. It is a living force.  It's "the force."
You know, like Luke Skywalker. That force.

It's God and also a creation of God, just like you are. It's as real and alive as you. It's also very much like a search engine on the Internet that finds you an appropriate source of information and hooks you up with it.

That source often is a being or a person. You know how Hillary Clinton talks to Eleanor Roosevelt? Well, I've been talking to Mahatma Gandhi. Nice guy, though his knowledge of beer home brewing is a little skimpy. For that, I have to access somebody else. Maybe you didn't realize it, but you can use the Harmonic to teach yourself brewing, or surfing. No kidding. I once used it to get in touch with the greatest surfer who ever lived (he died in Vietnam).

The Harmonic is like a portable computer in the sky.

Are all these people all sitting up there in the sky waiting to talk to us?

Well, yes and no.

Don't they ever reincarnate? Sure. But actually, no. Well, that is, yes, they do. Their knowledge and their essence, though, stay put.

Those are always there for all of us to draw on. Like me, lots
of people draw on Mahatma Gandhi. He has, of course, moved on to other existences.

All this is pretty airy-fairy, isn't it?

Reincarnation, essences, spirit guides?  Well, yes and no. That is, yes, it is airy-fairy. On the other hand, my herpes is gone. And it's been gone for three years. So no, it isn't airy-fairy.

As Dr. Bernie Siegel put it, anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is impractical.

It's pretty doggone practical, if you ask me, and will be to any other herpes sufferer who loses his herpes by taking it out of his higher bodies, the same way I did.

People use Harmonic accessing and do immunics because they want results.  Airy-fairy isn't so airy-fairy when it gets you a result that paying a million dollars to medical science won't.

Am I being too literal now, too dogmatic? I'm testing yes. Oh, wait a minute. I'm testing no.

The way to the result you're after with Harmonic accessing is to test past the answers

Test past the yeses and the nos you get. Keep changing and reconfiguring the questions until the yeses and nos form a picture of an action you can take. But don't take the action until you are certain that you've apprehended the totality.

Harmonic accessing enables you to apprehend the totality.

But you still will not apprehend the totality unless you have a talent for seeing the obvious.

I must confess that this is a talent that I have historically been sorely lacking, which is why I am so big on it now. My current, new commitment to seeing the obvious has worked miracles for me. I actually got my ability to see the obvious through Harmonic accessing. When what I was asking about was obvious, the Harmonic wouldn't answer the question. It would give me the craziest answers, answers so crazy it became "obvious" that I was simply failing to look.

Observation of the obvious and apprehension of totalities get you beyond a binary system, and enable you to use and be served by that binary system

The really amazing thing, to me, is that I can tell people that they can cure herpes with this, and they don't immediately jump to apply it to whatever they need cured.

Obviously, we all have trouble seeing the obvious. Except Sherlock Holmes.

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