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You are now going to receive instructions to do things you never thought you could do about things you don't know exist

And you don't need to know anything about them to succeed with the immunic action. So simply do what you're instructed to do, and then check whether you did it by asking the Harmonic, "Did I do that?"

This is how I ended my herpes outbreaks.

Do it with a combination of saying "I am now doing ------" and looking for a feeling that seems to confirm you did it. It's almost like practicing a tennis forehand in your imagination, except here you say you're actually doing the tennis forehand. And then testing that you did so.

If you test you didn't do it after you say you did it, give it a minute.

You don't have to repeat the thing or try to imagine it in a stronger way. If you test you didn't do it, wait a moment. And then retest whether or not you did it, before doing any repetitions or additional tries.

So, for example, if you're told to move your spiral body across the room and you don't know what a spiral body is, just say in your mind "I'm moving my spiral body over to that side of the room." And imagine that that's happening, while at the same time allowing yourself to notice any feelings or sensations you're having.

When I originally did this, I didn't notice any feelings or sensations. But after a while I did notice something around my navel. Later I discovered that the spiral body is connected to the second chakra, which is around the navel. This confirmed for me that I actually had been doing it all along. Which was a good thing because even though I was testing yes, I had done it, I was doubting that I had.

The only things that kept me going were good feelings from doing the immunic actions with my spiral body -

- and that I never got another herpes outbreak.

Some things you're told to do may seem totally illogical.

Letting a person into your heart makes sense if you think of it as a metaphor. But in one of the lessons, you are told to literally bring the person's physical body into your heart. Your physical heart. This is an obvious impossibility by the laws of the physical world.

Yet you will test that you have done it.

It is not necessary for you to believe that things that go against the laws of the physical world can happen. It's only necessary for you to test that they have happened and allow yourself to feel the feelings and sensations that go with the success of the immunic action. In my case I get a huge, uncontrollable smile whenever I let someone into my heart.

Even though I know it's impossible for me to have done so.

Many of the things that you won't understand, and that are not explained at first, will be explained in great detail later. We'd like to set this up so you test the thing first, before you hear any explanation. That way you can get your own unbiased experience.

But that's also one reason why doing it this way is so good, why it's good for you simply to do an immunic action with your spiral body without knowing anything anything about it.

While you're doing that action, you'll discover all kinds of things about that body, things way beyond the explanation. We try to keep the initial explanation short because we want the later, more detailed explanation to be a confirmation of what you've already been experiencing - a reassurance, you might say, rather than something that could influence or even limit where you take things. We do not endorse stupidity or blind faith. We don't endorse believing things without understanding them.

We're endorsing direct experience by exploration.

We endorse doing things you don't understand in order to discover them for yourself.

Without previous mindset or bias.

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