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   Pay close attention to how you feel when you do this stuff

Search for the good feeling, the happiness. Look for the peace. Notice when you're in that calm, clear place.

That's what kept me going and why I'm well now.

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The good feeling heals you and also indicates healing.

The calmness, the happiness, builds self-confidence.

Self-confidence heals you and is an indicator of healing. Look for and live in the feeling that you're not sick. You'll have that feeling, and that confidence, right after you've removed something. If you're mind challenges the good feeling, let it. RIK your way through the challenges. Until you feel really good, with no reservations.


The fastest way to get well is to feel totally good right now, all the time. This means peace. With peace comes the cessation of frenetic activity. Maybe activities you didn't think were frenetic were. Or maybe you know they're frenetic but you want them or think you need them. Maybe frenetic activity is the only thing that's been helping you feel safe and confident. You're going to have to tell yourself the truth about this.

Well, testing helps. In each moment, test. Test what might be a bad, frenetic place. Test what might be the calm, clear place.

Even if you like the way you feel, test if you could feel better, calmer, clearer, more certain, more confident.

Is there something I can RIK right now to bring myself up to that level?

A behavior I need to change?

Think in terms of dropping things.

What can I drop?

What's something that's been paying off for me but costs too much?

What's something I enjoy but wears me out? What are some things I've been attached to that interfere with peace?

What's something that interferes with me staying in the calm, clear place?

What's something that interferes with keeping my heart connected to the hearts of those who love me?

What's something that interferes with simple physical well-being?

What's something that interferes with clarity?

Have I been telling myself that I feel good when I really don't?

Do I attempt to give to others at the expense of my own calm, peace and clarity by:

  • spending time with them,
  • listening to them,
  • "helping" them,
  • giving advice,
  • doing for them what they won't do for themselves,
  • pretending I care when I don't?

Calm, peace, and clarity sometimes feel like a lack of caring. This is absolutely not what they are. Calm, peace, and clarity may involve dropping false responsibility -- that is, giving back to God what was always his.

Am I willing to drop all responsibility that is not mine?

Real charity is not tiring. It's nourishing. You will know you've done a charitable act.

And when you think you have, ask:

Did I clear something by doing that?

Am I in the calm, clear place now?

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