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It's legal

Most cops that come into your left turn lane will either hand you some money and take a sticker or ignore you like the other people who don't want a sticker. But for situations where your legality gets questioned there are three documents you should have with you:

  1. The ministry trademark (It's Federal, so it's good for anywhere;
  2. The note from the Ministry which explains that the Cure Drive is one of our ministry's programs;
  3. A printout of the homepage, because that ties everything together and gives further, and very basic information.

Local laws and state laws about solicitation, street vending, peddling, and the like do not pertain to you -- you're a church. In case we meet an officer who doesn't understand this we also carry a copy of the law in our state. And it helped to have a copy of the law, because one of them didn't know what the law was till Greg handed him this quote:

496.403 Application.--Sections 496.401-496.424 do not apply to bona fide religious institutions, educational institutions, and state agencies or other government entities or persons or organizations who solicit or act as professional fundraising consultants
From: The 2006 Florida Statutes (still current in 2007)

All first world countries have similar laws to the United States. You are legal in all countries where there is a church/state separation, and you don't need any permit, but it's a good idea to carry documentation, just in case.

No matter what your local laws on solicitation all our, all of them will have you this kind of disclaimer written into them, because states have to write the laws to be in agreement with the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 07/22/08