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decorative angel graphic    Is a significant immunological breakthrough the same thing as a cure?

Yes and no.

In a very real sense, a SIB is literally a cure. At least in the moment when you are controlling your immune system, it is. Because the "disease" was your inability to control your immune system.

In another sense though, a SIB is not a cure at all, and there is no cure. In life you stay immune, or you get sick. And sometimes a good way to strengthen your immune system is to get sick and cure it. A SIB is a good thing, not a cure. There never was a cure, there never will be.

But in the real and practical sense in which you are asking the question, you probably want to know, "Does a SIB guarantee that I am going to cure my cancer in the next three weeks? OK, my tumor got smaller and I feel completely different. But is this a sure thing?" And the real and practical answer that I am giving you is yes, it is an absolutely sure thing - a dead certainty.

When I started taking my herpes out of my higher bodies, it was all over for my herpes.

What would constitute a significant immunological breakthrough (SIB) for you?

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