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   Sick - a different definition from most people's  

We see "sick" as a way of understanding yourself.


If you are at the effect of a pathology, immune dysfunction, or problem with a function, you are sick.

What does this mean in practical terms?

It means you are reacting instead of responding. Making bad choices. Or you have a physical illness and you don't know what to do about it.

If you are infected by a bacteria and you immediately access and respond with a protocol, and that protocol begins working almost immediately so that you can carry on your normal life, while at the same time you remove the infection,

you are not sick, you are a well person who is infected with something,

and are disabling it rather than being disabled by it.

Is illness a gift?

Sometimes getting sick is the only thing that will get us to stop and examine ourselves.

Bayard has said that he used to like getting sick back in the '70s because often it was the only time he'd do essential health things, such as fast, drink fluids, take vitamins - in short , he would stop and take care of himself. 

The higher level a Harmonic master you become, however, the less you need catastrophes to teach yourself needed lessons.

One key question to test when you suspect you are sick or might get sick is:

Do I want to be sick?

If you have the courage to ask that question in the first place, you are probably already getting - or being - well.

What's remiss?

You don't have to wait -

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