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wpeC.jpg (24191 bytes)    What's remiss?

Sick people impose their sickness on and export their sickness to other people.

If you're sick in any way, shape, or form, you are taking other people down with you.

You can't help it.

Back before you had a surefire way of removing that sickness and installing wellness, you weren't responsible. No matter what anybody tells you, if you are sick and you don't know how to heal yourself, no matter what you do to somebody else, you are in a very real sense not responsible for it. Psychiatry knows this, and that's why they let certain people off for certain crimes. However, their definition of illness is quite narrow.

We know that now you are beginning to be familiar with what the real disease is. So you know that anybody who hurts another person or society has got it. We Harmonic masters need to do a lot of work in prisons. And I know that somebody will come along who feels a real connection to prison populations and really wants to do that - not just one somebody, either. A lot of us, including this writer, have been there - I spent almost the whole of 1967 in the Dade County jail and the adjacent hospital where they evaluate criminals, also in locked cells, after a drug bust. And we know that help is not only needed there, but wanted.

OK, let's move up to the present.

Your present.

You now have a way to end your disease. And if you don't do that, or you do it too slowly, you're not only harming yourself, you're harming everybody.

Yes, you're now hearing that terrifying and horrible word: responsibility. And this may blow a few people who just gave their initial donation right off the site.

Because for some of us, when we start the responsibility conversation, it turns into a trap where we start blaming ourselves.

Responsibility equals blame for some people. Of course, that's just another symptom, isn't it? Another removable, curable symptom.

Yes, dear one. You can actually take level-headed and real responsibility, not only for your actions but also for who you are. And it doesn't mean that anybody should ever expect you to be perfect, or resent you for infecting them. It means only that once again you should come full circle into awareness of your own responsibility for keeping yourself clean.

Clean and sober

You know what? A lot of disease is addiction or addiction-based. A lot of disease is about your addiction to something.

Look, let's take immune dysfunction. Immune dysfunction isn't exactly addiction, but it certainly is the idea that you need whatever is dysfunctional about you. People who are immunologically dysfunctional believe that they are immunizing themselves when they employ the dysfunction, and they believe if they drop the dysfunction, they will come to serious harm. So they inflict harm on themselves and other people rather than becoming functional and taking their chances.

Have you ever noticed - have you been doing Harmonic accessing long enough to notice - that when you're in the calm, clear place, when your symptoms are absent, you are extremely loving?

Well, you know what? A lot of people just don't want to be that loving. You get around somebody with whom you're dysfunctional and want to continue being dysfunctional, and all of a sudden you notice you're out of the calm, clear place, . And you are rotten, mean to that person.

Well, that's what it is. Rotten. Recognize it as such. Recognize that you're responsible for your rottenness. And handle it.

That's what it is to walk the way of Immunics. It's not a bunch of smarmy New Age ideas, belief systems, affirmations, "energy work," and other worthless junk that leaves you the same rotten, debilitating, unloving, God-disconnected person you always were.

The Way of Immunics is just like any other religion.

You now represent God to other people.

That's what God always intended for you, anyway.

The Way of Immunics is nothing. It's just a little Web site out here in the middle of cyberspace. It's of no consequence to anyone or anything. You are a consequence - how you love, how you serve, how you care, how uncompromising you are with yourself. That's a consequence. If you smoke, stop. You're polluting the air. You damage people when you smoke.

Get out of your dream world and face yourself.

Smoking is an example of a great many things where the point isn't the harm you do yourself, the point is the harm you do other people. When you get lung cancer and die of it, don't you think that harms everybody around you? Including the doctor who makes the $75,000 or whatever fee for cutting out one of your lungs as you're on your trip to the grave? Didn't you involve that doctor in a negative karma?

Well, test.

testing hand What are you waiting for? (channel some answers and test each one)

Why passively read this stuff? You should have been testing all along.

testing hand When you get lung cancer and die of it, don't you think that harms everybody around you?

testing hand Including the doctor who makes the $75,000 or whatever fee for cutting out one of your lungs as you're on your trip to the grave?

testing handDidn't you involve that doctor in a negative karma?

Don't forget to test when we chew you out. Maybe we're all wrong about what we're saying to you. Maybe you never hurt anybody in your life. But if you did, and do, stop. Do your best to stop.

Meher Baba once said, "Do your best, then leave the rest to me."

Great rule of thumb:

Do your best; leave the rest to God.

Whatever you have practical and real responsibility for, handle immediately, without waiting. If you don't, you're remiss.
Thank you,



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