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This can save someone's life -- including the life of someone who doesn't want to hear about it.

-- Bayard

The essential nature of immunics is that it's free

Immunics is your birthright. It's one of your functions. Immunics complements all forms of medicine -- allopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki, homeopathy, addiction counseling, meditation, yoga, religion, your relationship with your guru, co-counseling, spiritual psychotherapy, et al. -- all these to us are forms of medicine in a loose sense -- because you do immunics for yourself by yourself. It complements all forms of medicine because it's you.

And it's free. It's free because it's you, or an aspect of you. If you want a good example of this, you can hear it on the Cure Show. After we did a few Cure Shows, we started having the guest, who often had just learned immunics in the last hour, test these two questions:

Can I show another person how to do this?

Can I show a group how to do this?

And I'll be darned if the majority of these people -- and I mean 99 out of 100 -- didn't test yes on at least one of those. I'd say that anything someone can teach herself in an hour and show someone she happens to sit next to on the bus minutes later is free, wouldn't you? People can show somebody how to do this in a hot second, because it's that simple, that easy.  The guy who works at the desk next to yours is getting a cold. You say to him: "Let me show you how to stop that." Twenty minutes later he's OK. 

That's why we stopped requiring that people get a password before they learn how to cure things in this Cure College.

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

We used to require that people get a password to get started. And people were obliging. Not only would they fill out the forms, including an extensive questionnaire about their medical history, but about half of them were able to donate some money. One day, though, I realized that setting up this hurdle before people had any experience with how simple and easy this is made it feel less simple and easy. It might even deter somebody from getting started who would otherwise cure something within half an hour of their first experience with it - like virtually every guest who's ever been on the Cure Show did.

Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes the only thing they cure is a bad feeling. But they cure something. And if we gave them too many hurdles to jump through, they wouldn't cure anything, and they wouldn't know they could cure something, and then they wouldn't jump through the other hurdles they have to jump through to be truly immune.

See, there are hurdles. And this is also easy. 

That's maybe the key paradox of developing your immune system: It's easy to develop your own immune system - and there are hurdles to jump through. You'll probably run into major glitches, just like the rest of us. Sometimes it's not so easy.

But even at those times, it's still free.

You can't pay somebody to do this to you or for you. Nobody but you can develop your own immune system. Immunics is a form of yoga.

You do yoga yourself. It is the yoga of consciously, intentionally, dependably, precisely controlling your immune system -- physical, emotional, spiritual. Very early on, you will notice that this is something you do by yourself. You may be in a room full of supportive friends who are eagerly sharing their own results with it, and showing you new and effective ways to do things with it. Whether you do those things or not is still up to you. And sometimes you're in the car, doing it by yourself for real. You were getting the flu when you left the house, and you want it to be gone by the time you arrive at your first appointment. Which it can be. You alone will cause that.

The main difference between immunics and a great many other good things that also cure you  is that it is you:  

That doesn't mean we're not hoping you will give generously to support this cause.

It just means that if you look upon your donations as paying for something, you're doing more than misrepresenting us -- you're also failing to understand what you have to do for yourself. And if you're not able to donate anything, don't feel bad, because you'll do just as well as people who do donate. You have just as good a chance, anyway. It's all about applying yourself.

There are certain things in life you have to pay for. This isn't one of them. Lots of really great people accept this gift without donating anything -- as you can see from the e-mails these people wrote:

I am humbly writing to state my case for consideration of hardship circumstances for this training.

I am female, almost 30, living in New Zealand. Recently I've been diagnosed as "probable MS," the symptoms of which often result in loss of vision and severe head pain, which as you might imagine, make working a bit tricky at times! I have struggled with a life-long depression, which became severe about a year or so ago following a relationship breakdown and the loss of two pregnancies. I have been something of a "seeker" for years, searching for some understanding of these sorts of problems which plague so many of us.

I work as a psychologist (funnily enough); recently graduated but heavily in debt with student and bank loans. Roughly 75% of my income is going into debt management currently. Because of my financial circumstances, I am living with my mother. She in turn lives with a severe addiction to alcohol and multiple other problems; recently she has started to exhibit cognitive impairment, and I'm worried that she's starting to develop Korsakoff's Syndrome. She too is struggling financially and I'm needing to meet most of her expenses. My two younger siblings are little help in caring for her as they have multiple psychiatric disorders between them after childhoods of trauma.

If Harmonic Accessing works as you say, I would dearly like to heal my family of all these difficulties, and I'm sure that if this works, it would probably make me confident enough to consider using it as part of practice.

It is not in my nature to plead hardship on any grounds let alone financial and in fact writing this is actually quite uncomfortable. However something about this site draws me, with some kind of internal voice letting me know that this material might actually help.

I would be grateful for your consideration, and if allowed to go ahead, would undoubtedly want to contribute financially and otherwise once my life/our lives are back on track.

Many thanks for your consideration,

Jo Mulligan

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I would donate if I were able, as I think this is a worthy cause. I would like very much to use the resources in your site to improve my health to the point where I don't constantly have something wrong with me every single day and to bless the people around me with optimism and enthusiasm. My health has been bad for five years and I have been coughing since last June. I have improved my health a great deal but there are still ten to fifteen symptoms that will not go away no matter what I do, and when anyone in the school where I work gets sick, I get sick too. I am always the first to get sick and it hits me hard and goes into my lungs. The clinics don't help.

I have found that working with the universal laws of nature and making a plan is more effective than clinics and so I am doing Internet research and formulating a plan on how to have my body heal itself (despite a friend who believes that our bodies cannot heal themselves, only God can). Financially, this is where I am at until July 31 I am working for AmeriCorps, which pays a $800 monthly stipend which is not even minimum wage and barely covers my monthly essentials and student loans and even has deductions taken from it like social security, etc.

Ellice H

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To whom is concerned

I am 23 years old. The past 4 years my life has been very difficult. I caught herpes, and HPV from living a promiscuous life during my second year at college. I then had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with psychosis and anxiety disorder. Only recently have i begun to start picking up the pieces of my life.

I have prayed to God for a cure fof my sickness. I beleive this program may be the answer. I am currently in the procees of finding a job. I want to make a donation, but i am having much financial difficulty at this moment. I ask that you please give me access to this program. I beleive it will help me. Surely , i will make a donation to the cause as money is availble. Please consider my plea.

The main difference between immunics and a great many other kinds of healing is that it's you: instantly available, your birthright, and free. There are, of course, many other differences.

You can probably pick this up most easily with your on-line tutorial audios and movies, though there are also text tutorials.

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The advantage with the audio and movie tutorials is that you'll see and hear people do this, and you may find it easy to do it yourself after a few minutes of listening or watching.    

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