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Why do we think immunics can stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases

I'll discuss seven reasons. They are

  1. It's easy to use.

  2. It's assimilable - people learn it quickly.

  3. Availability - you always have instant access to it.  Or, as we say, it's portable.

  4. Speed - it cures you quickly. 

  5. Exactness and precision

  6. You can give yourself certainty that you've done what you do with it, and it's unavoidable. 

  7. Dependability - the results are replicable.  

People have two common problems with accessing, either of which may interfere with you teaching it to yourself

Many people just know that what they do is good, and it's worked for them, and they intend to stick with it, . And they're right.  

Use this not only to build on the benefits and gains you've received from other good things;
use this to make you more masterful with those things

Beyond the discussion of superiority and inferiority of methods and disciplines is another issue that we, you and us, as the spiritually advanced folk of the world, must discuss.

It's the issue of moral obligation 

You see, whether we like it or not, God seems to have made us the doctors to the planet.

Whether we're talking about ending the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases, as I do in these writings, or whether you're talking about saving the environment, which some good friends of mine do in their writings, or creating ethical business structures and environments, which other friends of mine are interested in, the fact is, we're in charge - precisely because we have taught ourselves things that work, and we have replicated our results from those enough times to know that we have something other people need.

And we all better face that God doesn't give us these things because she's enamored of us - though she is.

She gives them to us because she's enamored of other people, whom she expects us to help.

God seems to have decided that we were more able, qualified, and capable in the evaluation and implementation of effective healing strategies than those other poor slobs she happens to love. God is depending on you. So if somebody walks over to you and says, "Here's a cure for viral-based disease," as I have, you have a moral obligation to give it a complete evaluation - that is, to find out whether it will do, for someone more helpless than you, what other methods will not.

And if you find out that it will, your further obligation is to fight for it, and for those people, until they are well. And if you don't do this, you've wasted your life. At least in the eyes of God.

So yes - immunics involves moral and ethical choices, obligations and responsibilities. And lots of people don't like that.

Hopefully, though, you, my dear colleague, are not one of them. Because if you are, you're in serious spiritual trouble. And it's a kind of trouble that is beyond the powers of immunics to cure, because the Harmonic will not make your choices for you.

OK. Enough about this. Sit with it. Let's get on to talking about the nuts and bolts of what actually makes this worthwhile.

1. It's easy to use.

Things that aren't easy don't work - because even though they do work, people simply can't do them. Or they don't work as well because even though people can do them, they don't tend to do them because they're not easy.

For every person who consistently meditates each day and has done so for the last 20 years, how many people meditated for three weeks and then stopped?

Come on! Get real.

Meditation works. Everybody knows that. I have a good friend who's a mediator who hasn't been sick in 25 years, no kidding. And he didn't even notice he hadn't been sick till we were chatting about Harmonic accessing and disease, and he then said, "Gee, actually I don't think I've been sick since I started meditating." Meditation has kept my friend healthy.

But he can't do it in his car.

Let me tell you a little story. I had a kidney pain as I was leaving Wissahickon Park for my house. My thoughts were running in the direction of preparing a macrobiotic remedy that has always worked to heal my kidneys, and that remedy is fast and dependable. It only takes about an hour for it to remove the pain, and I've been using it for about 20 years. Not that I get kidney pains that often, but in the last 20 years I've had five or six instances.

But on this particular occasion I decided to try something different. I used fingertesting to access a Harmonic spirit guide who does acupuncture.

Doesn't that sound crazy? Well, sure. It did to me, too. Don't you think I'm like you? Don't you think these things sound crazy to me? Do you think my mother brought me up to believe in Harmonic spirit guides? My mother may have been ahead of her time, but she wasn't that far ahead.

So I accessed the spirit guide and did a Harmonic acupuncture treatment on myself.

The ride from Wissahickon to my house takes 10 minutes. By the time I got out of the car to my house, there was no kidney pain. Nor has there been another one in the last five years since that day.

Obviously a lot of the other factors come to play in this story: availability, accessibility, dependability, certainty. But I will tell you this: If it hadn't been that easy, if I had had to go to the office of that spirit guide and wait in the waiting room, and have a one-hour session, I would have just gone home and cooked the tried-and-true macrobiotic remedy - because that would have been easier.

People do what's easier. And unfortunately, in many cases the thing that's easier actually doesn't work.

For example, the HIV cocktail works in the sense that it keeps people alive. But test:

testing hand    Does the HIV cocktail actually kill HIV?

If you get a yes, it's because if you stop HIV from replicating, that may result in the end of the HIV. But if you got a no, it's because it's not a direct way of killing it, as every doctor knows. But it's easy. People who take the cocktail would probably would disagree with that. They would probably tell you that it's very difficult to take the cocktail. Long hours of testing and waiting; strict, rigorous medication doses - these can feel hard. But it's obviously easier for those people than it is to go on the Web, find this site, and learn this skill. Because if taking a cocktail wasn't easier, they'd be doing this. People do what's easier - whether it works or not.

The tragedy here is that people die - a lot of people die - doing what's easy. And I'm not talking about things that are bad for them but are easy to do, such as shooting dope or eating greasy food. I'm talking about well-intentioned, good things, things that may even feel hard but are easy - and ineffective, less effective, or downright futile.

So why do we think that the ease of use will help stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Let's look at drugs as an example. Drugs kill microbes. They're effective. But they're not easy to use. They require money,  transportation, refrigeration, and sometimes sterilized equipment for their administration. The plain fact is that with all our best intentions, drugs are not available to every human being on the planet, precisely because they are not easy.

Are we then suggesting that people use immunics in place of, shall we say, a vaccination? Absolutely not. Safe, effective vaccinations should be used in all instances where it's possible to use them. And in case they don't work, or in case there are side effects, immunics is the fail-safe, the backup - and in some cases it will be the only available substitute, whether we like it or not.

We ministers would like to see everyone treated equally. But we know that that's simply not going to happen - at least not until every last person in the world is equally spiritually conscious. Which can - as a result of the direct access to God that Harmonic accessing provides - happen. And it can conceivably happen within our lifetimes, though that is not, obviously, probable.

Paradoxically, the same spiritual science that may some day obviate the necessity for certain drugs may also end up making those drugs available to all human beings while they are still needed because of its ease of use. But to do this, immunics must become ubiquitous in our environments. And that will require massive media coverage.

2. It's assimilable - people learn it quickly.

A four-year-old kid can learn this in under 10 minutes. Kids have an instant learning curve on this because it's easy to learn. It even teaches it to you itself.

That's right - the Harmonic actually teaches you Harmonic accessing. When you're unsure of what to think, do, or test, the Harmonic will suddenly make your finger fly open - as if it's saying, "Hey, I'm here."

Let's contrast this to another effective thing that's maybe not so easy to learn: Reiki.

Now Reiki isn't that hard to learn either. It's just that (and please don't get mad at me if you're a Reiki master and I'm misquoting some of your prices or systems. I don't really mean to misinform anybody, and in fact here's a link to your site so people can look for themselves) the last time I looked, a Reiki course that brought you to a certain level of Reiki mastery cost $6000 and took - I'm almost guessing here because I can't really remember - around three months.

Well, OK. Let's test something. We can ask the Harmonic a specific question about this.

testing hand Can I get to an equivalent level of mastery of that Reiki course with the Basic Immunics Tutorials in under three days?

If you get a no, you can expand the question. But the important thing here is to compare the costs and the times of both programs.

To put this another way, a schoolteacher in an African village can keep her kids after school for half an hour, show them Harmonic accessing, and tell them they can use it to learn the ways of the Force. Which every kid in the world knows about by now. And they will be able to dependably kill viruses with it. And they'll teach it to each other, once the teacher primes the pump in her 10-minute session.

And that, my friends, is availability. 

So why do we think that the speed at which people are able to teach this to themselves will help stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Because you need something kids in an African village can learn in 10 minutes. And you need them to be proficient enough with it by the end of a week - or even by the end of the day if necessary - to stop a virus cold.

If something works but takes years to learn, it won't stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases, because only a few people will spend the time they need to learn it. So while the thing that works will save the lives of the few people who are willing to apply themselves, that good thing won't stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. It will just save the lives of those people.

Saving the lives of a few people and stopping the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases are completely different results, though both are good.

What happens when the world gets wind of this?

OK - onward to the next thing that makes this worth teaching yourself:

3. Availability. You always have instant access to it.  Or, as we say, it's portable.

We like to say that this is portable. It's our silly way of expressing an essential truth about immunics.

Harmonic accessing is not fingertesting. A paralyzed person can do immunics with Harmonic accessing.

People have two common problems with immunics, either of which may interfere with you feeling like it's worth teaching to yourself

You have immunics. It's always with you, always right there, always within reach.

Remember when Popeye was tied up with rope upside down, under water, and somehow he managed to get that can of spinach out of his back pocket, open it, and eat it by sucking it down through his pipe? That's the way I like to think of immunics. No matter how much trouble you're in, immunics is always around, as accessible as Popeye's can of spinach. Which means that it may look or feel inaccessible in the moment.

You may feel so terrible that you simply "can't reach" immunics.

But if you try, you'll find you can.

Harmonic accessing is available to every human being on the face of the earth. Yes, even people in comas. Nothing can change that.

Oh, one more story about a person in a coma, in case you doubted for a moment that immunics is available to people in comas.

Bernie Siegel, a great allopathic and spiritual physician, tells a story about a person he spoke to who had been in a coma for months. He told her that her family would be fine without her and it was OK for her to go. She died 15 minutes later.

And yes, part of the availability of Harmonic accessing can be someone doing it for someone else. You can do immunics for someone else with Harmonic accessing.

Arguably, immunics spreads by one Harmonic master coming into contact with another. But do you also notice from the story about the woman in the coma that she had reached a Harmonic state, and that was what attracted Bernie Siegel and his information to her?

Well, you can test it right now: 

testing hand Did the woman attract the information Dr. Siegel gave her?

That's immunics.

OK, so why do we think the availability of immunics makes it something that can stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Does this really need an explanation?

Well, OK, let's do a little explaining, even if it doesn't. Let's use, as an example, hypnotherapy.

Most people know that hypnotherapy produces miraculous cures. Hypnotherapy is not just about changing your attitude. People have been hypnotized and told to kill viruses, and done so, and been completely free of the virus. Same with cancer.

Hypnotherapy has produced virtually every type of immunics that people teach themselves how to produce with Harmonic accessing. And while maybe we're not familiar enough with hypnotherapy to say unequivocally every result, we've certainly heard about it producing most of them. We know that because six of us sat down and talked about it and shared what we heard about hypnotherapy producing. And we've all had our noses to the wind in the spiritual healing community for a long time.

So if hypnotherapy is so miraculous, why isn't it in widespread use in hospitals? Why isn't it all over the 6 o'clock news? Why isn't it the key offensive against cancer or a host of other things?

Well, it's just not that available. It takes skilled practitioners, hours of time, appointments. These people have to be paid, they need offices. . . .

It also requires willingness of the subject. That translates into unavailability. Things that are available do not necessarily require willingness. Arguably people have to be willing to do Harmonic accessing - but if you've ever noticed, when you, for example, test that you've removed something, it gets removed whether you were willing for it to go or not.

That's a funny little contradiction with Caroline Myss. She says that you have to be willing for the problems to go or they won't. But what we Harmonic masters know for a fact is that we can take something we don't want to let go of - for example, a craving for chocolate - cock our finger, say "I am now erasing my craving for chocolate, and when my finger opens, it will be gone," and when our finger opens, we no longer feel any craving for chocolate.

Now Caroline Myss is also right, because if we still want that craving, we will install it. But we all know that in the moment that we removed it, it was gone. It's not like hypnosis. We didn't have to be willing. We simply do the Immunic action, and the Harmonic does the rest. Because the Harmonic is not us. It's a force that's beyond us.

Also, arguably, hypnotherapy actually is a lot like affirmations. When people are hypnotized and given suggestions,what they're actually being told to do are Immunic actions. When the hypnotherapy works, it's because the person did an Immunic action. And when it doesn't, it's because they simply refused to do the Immunic action - that is to say, the hypnotherapy made the Immunic action somewhat more available to the person, but not available enough to cure them. If the affirmation, for example, is an Immunic action, it works.

However, if it's just words you're trying to use to talk yourself into doing something that works - i.e., an Immunic action - it won't work, at least not until the talking into reaches a critical level where you actually do the Immunic action.

The interesting thing about fingertesting - silly, innocuous, hokey, undramatic, stupid-looking little fingertesting - is that it makes the Immunic action absolutely available. You're conscious when you're doing it, and while you are doing it you can not want your finger to open, but it will open anyway. And it's not a matter of guesswork. It's not a matter of indistinct, intuitive sensations or gut feelings. Your  finger either opens or it doesn't.

Of course you can refuse refuse to allow your finger to open, refuse even to put your fingers together or say the words. You can simply say, "I'm not going to do this," or choose not to do it.

That's why it works - because you are at total choice with it.

And the fact is, nobody likes to be sick. Yes, people suddenly hold onto their sickness. But if they're exposed in an unavoidable way to the choice of being sick or being well, approximately 97 percent of the time we all ultimately choose to be well, because sickness hurts and nobody likes pain. We may resist change or love, but we don't want to be in pain for more than five seconds. So if we have a clear way out of it, we may hesitate - but ultimately the sheer availability of relief causes us to do the Immunic action to heal ourselves.

Or, to put it another way,

Get fast, fast, fast relief! Use Harmonic accessing!

Which leads me to our next factor that makes this worth teaching yourself:

4. Speed. It cures you quickly.

Why it can be impossible to get well without speed and ease

Everybody wants speed. Nobody wants to hurt.

So why do people reject speed? People have a number of reasons for rejecting speed. They don't believe it's real, so they think when they're told something is fast, they're being lied to.

But you can ascertain this for yourself very easily. The next time something is wrong, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, simply remove, install, or know what you need, and then notice how long it took. Wasn't it the fastest way you ever used to help yourself? How could anyone miss that?

This is ridiculous. We have the densest people working with us. And once they get the speed of this, they get used to it. Then they don't even appreciate it.

But you know what? There is a way for you to appreciate this. Try going back to the other thing you used to do. Except in a way, that's not really an option. For example, suppose you've been working with a therapist for five years, and you've been hurting. At the same time, you have a pretty good therapist.

Now you do Harmonic accessing and you start erasing stuff left and right. Instantly, you don't hurt.

You go back to your therapist with way less pain than you had before. Your therapist is amazed, impressed - and begins to deal with the issues she always wanted to address with you but couldn't because you were in so much pain.

Now you're really getting something out of your therapy. Instead of your therapy being a long, painful, time-consuming, and financially draining process that you just couldn't extricate yourself from because you didn't know what else to do, it has become a creative and spiritual exchange between you and your therapist. And you loved being with your therapist because your therapist, you have now discovered, is a high person. She's also spiritually advanced. You just weren't able to see that before because you were in too much pain.

So now you're really talking, really working things out. And it can be very difficult for you or even her to see that you wouldn't be doing any of this if it hadn't been for Harmonic accessing.

It enables you to follow threads to cures.

You're simply going faster. And that's the result of Harmonic accessing.

You may even be tempted to think that your therapy is "better" than Harmonic accessing, and that Harmonic accessing is just a minor ancillary to your life. Because Harmonic accessing doesn't do the same thing that talking to a therapist does. Nor should it.

Nor should it be trying to. There are so many wonderful things that are completely non-redundant with Harmonic accessing. Psychotherapy is one of them.

Our only point is that you will never have this kind of speed in psychotherapy alone. Face it.

As another economy of scale, just look at past-life regression therapy. People spend hours in that kind of therapy accessing and reliving and maybe removing one past-life trauma, which you can now remove in under five minutes. They pay $10,000 for a five-day course in past-life regression therapy that you can give yourself for free by taking walks in the park and addressing your past-life traumas.

Look, don't laugh. That's what I did. I removed all my past-life traumas - and I'm talking over 90,000 traumas - in less than seven months. I just devoted myself to it. I walked in the park morning and afternoon. No kidding.

And was I different after removing all my traumas? You better believe it. Not cured - no, no. No way cured. But different? Absolutely.

We don't recommend that you try to remove all your past-life traumas. Looking back on what I did, it was pretty clunky. But that was in the early days of Harmonic accessing. I was so excited about being able to do it at all that I didn't realize it wasn't the fastest and easiest way. And to know what is the fastest and easiest way, specifically for you, you'll have to work the whole site, all over this entire Cure College of immunics, as we ask you to in other lessons.

OK, so why do we think that because this will cure you faster, it will enable you to stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Are you kidding?

How could you ask a silly question like that? But of course you didn't ask the question, did you? I did.

Obviously this is one of those factors that doesn't require an explanation. But why not go with it?

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

What we need to stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases is something people tend to do. And people tend to remove pain. If something hurts them, they tend to deal with it, but only if dealing with it is fast and easy. If it's not fast and easy, they'll leave it there.

If a person has an eye infection, even, but lives in the Third World and knows that he can walk for an hour and a half to another town to be treated by a doctor, and maybe go through a long course of treatment, with more pain from the medication to boot, he probably won't go.

But if he can use a plant that grows right outside his door, if he can grind that plant up and put it on the infection, and the infection will feel better - OK, not gone, but better - in five minutes, he'll do it.

And that is exactly what Harmonic accessing enables people to do. Literally.

I know I said literally. I know that sounds like a crazy, impossible story. But that's precisely what I did. I had a painful plantar's wart, and I didn't go for laser surgery. I went one block from my house to Malibu Beach. On the way to the beach, the plant that healed the plantar's wart grew. I applied it to the wart for 10 days. It took me about five minutes a day to apply it. At the end of 10 days, no more plantar's wart. And no pain, and no surgery.

What would I have done if I hadn't had Harmonic accessing? Oh, probably after months of more pain, and perhaps some hit-and-miss remedies, I would have gone for the surgery. But I wouldn't have gone immediately. I would have just kept putting it off. Because I, like you, am a lazy procrastinator.

Don't we all know what that's like? Aren't even the most proactive of us procrastinators, at least in some ways? 

What we do to heal ourselves has got to be fast enough to take our procrastination by surprise - or it will not stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases.

On to the next factor:

5. Exactness and precision

Did you know that if you're not precise, you won't cure yourself?

For example, if you have a virus and an allergy that have similar symptoms, and you think all the symptoms are caused by a virus, and you kill the virus, you will end up with what looks to you like an uncured illness - because your symptoms will look virtually the same as when you had the virus.

So in order to cure yourself, you will have to access that you also have an allergy, and take the allergy out as well. Then all the symptoms will be gone, and you will be cured.

That's precision. Without precision, there's no cure.

testing hand       

Can you handle that? Are you willing to be precise?

Because you can use the Harmonic the way some people use prayer. You know how people will say, "Oh, God, please take away all my sickness and make me completely whole and healthy"? They're totally imprecise. They don't even know what they're asking for. And usually God does not do what they're asking.

God may, however, do something for them. It will be something that is doable and that they're willing to accept. But it will not be what they ask for, because they don't know what they're asking for. They're simply imprecise.

Doesn't anybody believe in curing things anymore?

Part of the reason people are imprecise is that they have no way of getting the information that would enable them to be precise - that is, they don't have Harmonic accessing. That means they can't ask specific questions and get specific answers about causes and effects.

Let me give you an example of an inquiry you could make about a physical disease. You could start by asking:

testing hand       

Does this disease have any causes that are spiritual?



And then for each, you could ask:

How many spiritual causes?

How many emotional causes?

How many physical causes?

Then you could come up with actual names for each cause, and test each one, yes or no: Yes, this is, or No, this isn't the cause. And then you can remove it, and test whether or not you have removed it, until all the causes are gone.

This precise methodology, this precision, is precisely how people cure serious diseases with Harmonic accessing. And sometimes this precise inquiry recommends that you take substances, even doctors' medications, as well as taking out spiritual and emotional problems and removing or installing a host of other things.

Curing a complex disease can be a lot of work - so much work that without precision it would be impossible.

This precision enables you to process massive amounts of data. And the causes of disease are often massive. Yes, sometimes curing a disease is simple: you kill the virus, you don't get herpes outbreaks anymore. Simple. But often your cure is simply not simple.

As a comparative example, let's take the use of chemotherapy as a cancer cure.

As everybody knows, chemotherapy does and does not cure cancer. Am I right? People do a chemo treatment and come back glowing and happy to tell their family, "Guess what? My tests show I'm completely clear of cancer." And two and a half years later they're dead. Of cancer.

So chemotherapy cures and does not cure cancer. Why? Because unfortunately chemotherapy is not precise. And no matter how hard your doctor tries to make it precise, it isn't. No matter how hard the pharmaceutical company worked at designing the drug, it's not precise. No matter how hard the entire research community researched the drug, it's still not precise.

Why? Because it only deals with one body: the physical. And unfortunately the cancer doesn't originate in the physical body, it originates in the spiral body. You see, the problem with cancer research is that they've been studying the wrong body.

Now that's imprecision for you. Gross imprecision.

A little precise Harmonic accessing for five minutes would tell any researcher who was willing to ask the question to look for the origins of cancer in seven bodies, including the physical, and that these bodies are reciprocal for those origins. Any explanation of the origins of cancer is going to be subtle, sophisticated, and precise. And because of that, you need a precise method of inquiry to create your own understanding and your own explanation. And so does your doctor. And so does the research team that designs the drug. And so does the scientific community.

Not only does the scientific community need Harmonic accessing, but we will not stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases without their full cooperation.

So our task, our mission as Harmonic masters, is to gain the full cooperation of the scientific community - because the physical world isn't physical. It's spiritual. And the laws that govern it are spiritual laws.

And the spiritual world is not spiritual. It's physical. And the laws that govern it are physical laws. The spiral body is a body, just like the physical body. So is the gravitational body. And most people can even see the etheric body with their physical eyes, for God's sake. So the etheric body isn't so etheric, is it? It's pretty physical. And it has to be studied that way. Because if it isn't, a lot of people are going to die.

And they are. And they have been. Because it wasn't.

So why do we think this level of precision will help stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Well, this is a very good question. This is not like some of the other, similar question above that seem like they didn't need asking. This question needs to be asked and answered. Because this is a key to global immunity for humanity.

Let's start by telling a flat truth about your doctor that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Though the results your doctor gets with his or her drugs are replicable., your doctor is not necessarily precise in his or her treatment.

Look, aren't the papers full of stories about doctors who simply gave one of their clients the wrong drug? Isn't that where thalidomide babies came from? Doctors don't have reliable methods of getting real information about what drugs do. And that's what Harmonic accessing is.

I walked through the forest and picked mushrooms and ate them and didn't die because the Harmonic gave me reliable information about which ones were toxic.

Just imagine for a moment that you learned Harmonic accessing after you were already at an advanced stage of cancer. Maybe your doctor had given you only a few months to live.

You now go back to your doctor, who is an open-minded person, and she, within two days, learns Harmonic accessing. Because she wants to save you. She's not a medical functionary. She's actually a healer. And she tells you, "OK, if you believe in this, and if you think there's a chance that this will help you, I'm willing to learn it."

She may not even believe in it at first - or even while she's doing it. A lot of people do Harmonic accessing and they don't believe it.while they're doing it. They only believe it after it consistently works for them for a number of months.

Yes, that's right, I said "a number of months." They're actually that dense. It takes them that long for Harmonic accessing to become real, even when it works for them on a daily basis. Hey, you may be one of those people. 

But right now, keep imagining yourself as this cancer victim. You and your doctor are now accessing:

testing hand       

Can we still cure this?

- and you get a yes. And as you go through various tests, you finally come to:

testing hand       

Should we use Western medical chemotherapy?

- and you get a yes. And she goes through, with you, every possible drug. until you both test on a drug that is obscure, little used, and has almost fallen out of use in recent times And to make the tests real, you actually used a blind testing method: First she tested down a list of drugs to see if a particular drug would work. Then she had you blind test down the same list - and your finger opened on that exact drug. So this treatment you accessed has real credibility for both of you.

You start the drug regimen. And within a week she tests a difference in your cancer.

Well, that's precision. You do that type of self-healing with your doctor, and combine that with taking the cancer out of your higher bodies, and you can have a complete remission and never get cancer again.

And people who have used Harmonic accessing this way have had complete remissions. And they used chemotherapy. And they started with just a slim chance.

That's precision. And that's how precision will end the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases.

Precision makes the impossible possible. Precision literally means you can test your way through a haystack and find the needle. And the person writing this piece has personally done that. So I can tell you from experience that you can go through an entire book of herbs with Chinese names that you don't understand and find the right medicine for you. I did it. And was well.

But hold on - because there's something beyond this. There's another reason why this kind of precision will stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. Because with Harmonic accessing, you can actually test shipments of medicines to various parts of the world.

That's right. You can test quantities. Quantities of vaccines, medicines, and antibiotics to ship and where to ship them, so that you have the right drugs in the right places at the right times.

You know those people who think you kill viruses by imagining a ball of white light above your head and gradually pulling that light down into your body until everything becomes orange? Some of those people probably hate us. They just don't see this as a war. They don't like the idea of shipping massive quantities of antibiotics anywhere.

But most people in the alternative health field agree that Western medicine works. It just needs to be used appropriately. Or, to put in another way, precisely.

It's like anything else. Everything has to be precise. Things that are used in a precise manner work. And sloppiness, even with effective drugs, can be extremely harmful - and will certainly not defeat a pandemic.

And if you notice, we haven't defeated the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. As much as the sophistication level of modern medicine has expanded, so has the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. And the pandemic is now at its highest pitch ever. Sure, some statistics are down. At the time of this writing, deaths from AIDS in Africa are down. Everything fluctuates. But if you look at the mass movement of disease in this world, it shows no sign of abating. Not really. And when we're faced with something this big, it's always tempting to use a shotgun approach.

But as you've been testing and getting precise answers, you are probably seeing that it's possible to treat this as a war and still fight it in a precise manner. We don't have to send massive troops out to be killed like we did at the invasion of Normandy. A small force can take out these diseases with minimal casualties - if we're precise.

So here you go. Imprecision equals lots of casualties equals worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. That's what a worldwide pandemic is: lots of casualties. Precision equals small numbers or no casualties, equals end of worldwide pandemic. You end the plague with precision.

6. You can give yourself certainty that you've done what you do with it, and it's unavoidable. 

We now come to what might be my favorite factor. You see, I love things that make things unavoidable for people.

Well, I used to be a psychotherapist. And I burned out. I've seen a lot of avoidance in my day. I've seen a lot of people refuse to accept information that was critical, not only to their well-being but to the well-being of everybody they loved. Because when you stay sick, you don't just hurt yourself, you hurt everybody. Not just your family, either. You hurt the whole world. Cure yourself, and you've got something to give humanity. Cure yourself, and you can save others.

M. Scott Peck, the noted psychologist and author, put it this way:

You're not well till you're a therapist.

It's literally that true. And if you even want to get well, you better start helping other people right now. There are no excuses. And when you make excuses, you discover it's two or three years later, and you've been doing everything right, so why haven't you arrived?

Let's put it this way. A person who is sick and has not a clue what to do about it is certainly not responsible for harming others by being sick. But a person who has been given the means to end their sickness and doesn't choose to end it, even if that choice is unreflexive, has a degree of responsibility for the harm they're doing.

Have you even had the idea that there's no such thing as a criminal? That people who rob people or sell bad used cars are simply sick? Don't they even look diseased?

At the same time, people with illnesses that obvious - and when you have the urge to shoot somebody, you have an obvious illness - are truly responsible for doing something about those illnesses. At some level we recognize that, and that's why we have jails.

Yes, Harmonic accessing brings us to the unavoidable truth that we can certainly end our illness. Because Harmonic accessing generates certainty. You would generate certainty with Harmonic accessing by persisting, and by being patient and by being alert, and with all the other important qualities that anybody uses to generate certainty, whether they've ever heard of Harmonic accessing or not.

A good example that enables us to look at this more closely was told her story by the success coach Anthony Robbins. Since I haven't heard the story in a while, I can only paraphrase it. Basically somebody died in one of his courses, and he got into the ambulance with the guy and brought the guy back to life. That may sound strange to an ordinary person, but if you're a Harmonic master, you know it's not only possible, but that almost any determined person can do it.

But that doesn't mean that most Harmonic masters would do it. From my experience of some typical Harmonic masters, if they had been in Tony Robbins' position, the guy would have stayed dead. All that onlookers would have seen was some Harmonic master sitting next to the dead body doing flicking motions with her fingers and muttering little incantations about the higher bodies.

But that's not what Robbins did. Robbins just didn't stop.

Now if my indistinct memory serves me, this guy flatlined for 15 minutes, but Robbins wouldn't give up. He kept giving this guy all kinds of reasons why he should return. And you know what? Finally they guy did. And five years later he wrote Robbins a little note thanking him for bringing him back.

You know, as a matter of fact, if I'd been in Robbins' shoes, I probably wouldn't have brought the guy back, because I would have tested he wanted to go and I would have said fine. That's the way I am. And that's OK, too. But from this story, you can see that Anthony Robbins not only has a very strong intention to generate certainty in his life, he also has a highly sophisticated approach to these situations that is completely non-redundant with Harmonic accessing.

Let's understand something about certainty, though, that's a little more basic.

Last time I heard, Anthony Robbins had sold 24 million sets of his basic tape that tells people how to change their lives forever. Of the 24 million people who bought those tapes for $200, how many of them do you think changed their lives forever?

Well, obviously, quite a few, since when Anthony Robbins does local events in cities, they're often packed with screaming, thankful people. So plenty of people got at least something they felt good about. But certainly not 24 million. We can agree on that, can't we? I mean, I know at least one person, a friend of mine, who bought the tapes and never listened to them. They're sitting on his bookshelves at home. Why?

Because he has things he needs to RIK.

It must be obvious from what I'm saying here that I am a fan of Tony Robbins. Many of the things I've done have been with his help, though I never met him or talked to him personally. He still helped me.

But I will tell you this: I never would have been able to accept his help as I have if I had not already RIK'd a whole bunch of things that were interfering with it. As a matter of fact, I first heard about Tony Robbins and began accepting help from him back in the 1980s - but what I took from him was on a very limited basis for precisely that reason.

So many people say that they're following a very good self-help program but they can't get themselves moving with it.Well, sure. There's something they need to RIK.

RIK that thing, and your certainty level rises.

Harmonic accessing produces certainty. And, as an example, it will produce a certainty that you can implement the good technology of a non-redundant program, such as the one Tony Robbins has created.

That's right - what Tony Robbins has created is completely non-redundant with Harmonic accessing. And if you notice, even though you're less attached to your bad responses, they often persist precisely because you haven't cognated how to change them.

Laziness can be appropriate - simply balance it with persistence.

There are a great many programs such as the ones Robbins offers. And you can use them very profitably, and with a huge level of certainty, if you use them with Harmonic accessing on a moment-to-moment basis. You're simply removing the barriers to implementation.

When things are going well, you will feel certainty. You won't need to generate more certainty than that.

When things are not going well, simply test everything six times, and then they will go well.

You know, if you have a disease and you want to kill it, sometimes you just have to rear back and smite that sucker. And that often takes a long series of tests rather than just one. And you have to approach it from every angle. And surround it. And hit it in little places first, and then big ones. With the absolute determination to destroy it. And that's how you produce certainty.

Certainty is something only you can generate. And Harmonic accessing is the tool with which you generate it. But there's something beyond this, too.

Now that you're a Harmonic master, have you ever noticed that when you test and remove things, and later test and remove the same things, you become more certain about the removal and the result of it?

Because you've succeeded with it before.

The bottom line is, Harmonic accessing simply enables you to succeed at, for example, killing viruses. And because you succeeded before, now - when you're faced with the challenge of a new virus, or even with the challenge of the same virus that you succeeded in beating earlier - you have certainty. Certainty just comes.

Certainty is a funny thing, because you build certainty and you create certainty and you develop certainty and you have certainty because you insist on it. At the same time, certainty just comes in spite of you, and you don't have to do anything to cause it. It enters you. With experience.

So why do we believe certainty will help us end the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Well, this is a whole different discussion from the discussion of certainty we just had. In this discussion, we're talking on the level of humanity. The previous discussion was on the level of you, the individual, and how you relate to your own Harmonic mastery. Now we're in the question of how humanity views its own potential for Harmonic mastery.

You know our cure tally? Well, there's a reason that thing is there.

Suppose only 10 people report curing anything with immunics. Probably nobody's going to listen to them, especially if all they see is a little number 100 as our total cure tally. Most people would consider that 10 an anomaly. It doesn't generate a whole lot of certainty - the number is too small.

Though, of course, it's very nice for those 10 people, isn't it?  In a certain sense, those little guys don't even care how much certainty they generated for you. If you don't want to believe them, that's OK with them. They're content to let you rot in your hospital bed 'cause they're not. They're off diving naked to the sandy bottom beneath their boat, shooing lobsters into their lobster net. But enough levity for one piece of writing.

Suppose, now, our cure tally is 100. Well, maybe still nobody will listen to them, because even 100 people can be an anomaly - though there's more of a chance they'll be listened to, isn't there? A hundred people generates more certainty than 10.

Now what's going to happen when the cure tally reaches 100,000? Well, I would say offhand that that's a number many people will listen to.

At that level also, some of those people are not going to go sailing in Micronesia. They're going to go into battle. They're going to do whatever they can to make the world aware of what they did with Harmonic accessing.

This, oddly enough, is not the average person. Most people who cure themselves with immunics have not, at least at this count, tended to go into battle for humanity, at least not in a big or obvious way. And that may also change. It may actually be that the more of them there are, the more tendency there is in each individual to do battle. Because when you have a lot of people on your side, you feel more like charging down that hill. And the worst feeling is to be charging down that hill and turn around and see that there's nobody behind you.

Certainty on the level of humanity is statistical. And it's also inevitable, because given that immunics is essentially public property, that it's a religion, that anyone can do it without paying anything, and that you don't have to learn to speak Latin to do it - well, we are again back to the concept of unavoidability. Inevitability is simply another form of unavailability.

That's right. Victory over viruses is inevitable - because immunics enables people to kill viruses. And people want to kill viruses. Therefore they will. Inevitably.

And anyway, essentially this is free.

We now come to the last factor:

7. Dependability - the results are replicable.  

Let's face it: Even though we're all adventurous, we like to take dependable equipment on our adventures. Nobody wants to go camping with a tent that you can't properly attach to the ground and falls down on you when you're sleeping. You want your tent to be dependable.

Most of us immunic  masters are extremely busy. We can't afford to sit cross-legged and wait for a vision. We just don't have the time. We have to pick up the kids up at school. And we need to know whether or not to pick up vitamin C on the way to school. And the Harmonic will tell us that, dependably.

That, in fact, is a typical experience that a Harmonic master will have and share with us about. "Well," she'll say, "my daughter Julie told me on the way to school that she seemed to be getting the sniffles. And then she removed the virus from her higher bodies and told me she was getting better. So I don't know whether she needs vitamin C or not." Well, that's precisely what Harmonic accessing is for. You ask. And if you get a no, you can save yourself a trip to the health food store when you're already in danger of being late to pick up Julie.

That's dependability. That's what dependability looks like. It looks like you show up at school with the right stuff (or without the wrong stuff). And when Julie gets into the car and you say, "So how are you? Do you need vitamin C?" she says, "No, don't bother, I'm fine. You can just wait for the vitamin order that you got on the Internet to come on Thursday."

You know what? The main thing that separates immunicsg from all the rest is its dependability. You can have a miracle at will. Look, what we just talked about here, the thing with the vitamin C - isn't that a miracle? If white light had descended on you and you had a strong intuition not to buy vitamin C and didn't, and then Julie told you when you picked her up that that was good, wouldn't you consider that a minor miracle? Isn't that what people usually talk about when they talk about having little miracles in their lives?

Or if you cure your herpes, an incurable virus, isn't that a major miracle?

Isn't curing an incurable virus considered by just about everybody to be a miracle?

The problem with dependable things is that we just don't appreciate them. If something is dependable, it stops being "sexy." Most of the people I know would rather have a massive "spiritual phenomenon." Most people would rather have the white light, the rumbling. They'd rather sit cross-legged and get the vision, because that's sexy - even though it may be a huge waste of time. It's sexy, even though it makes you late for picking up Julie from school. It's sexy even though you can't really integrate it into your life.

You know what? We're all sex addicts.

And, yes, spiritual addicts.

And maybe we have to give up addiction. All addiction.

Then we can appreciate our real, dependable miracles for what they are. People lose good wives and husbands because those spouses have become dependable, and they can't appreciate that. Our addictions kill us. And our addictions prevent us from having good things in our lives. Dependably.

We are now at the root of one of the most effective competitors of Harmonic accessing.

Our biggest competitor is not Western medicine or Reiki or anything like that. It's the "miracles" that people are attached to and want to see.

Have you ever had the feeling that you don't want just to cure your virus, you want it to disappear instantly in some dramatic way in front of your family an friends? You want to walk into Christmas dinner at your grandmother's house with a full-blown case of AIDS, including pneumonia, shuddering, Karposi's sarcoma, high fever, sweats - and instantly have it clear up before everybody's eyes, thereby showing them, proving to them, that you're in a state of grace.

Don't we all on, some level, want that?

That's the biggest reason why some people won't do Harmonic accessing. Because they had a few of those and they want more of them. They don't want the constant, dependable, everyday progress that all Harmonic masters who apply themselves have.

They don't even want to feel good. They want to feel bad so it can dramatically alter, thereby showing everybody that God loves them.

Well, God does love you. God gave you Harmonic accessing. You can feel good continuously, all the time, if you accept God's gift.

Or you can go to the "competition."

So how will this end the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

This is another one of those silly questions.

But to put it bluntly, if something isn't dependable, you can't end the plague with it. It might be fun to use, but if it only works sometimes, the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases will go on.

This, then, is the case for teaching yourself Harmonic accessing and immunics.

You won't really know what Harmonic accessing is, even after you've learned it. You may use it for a year and suddenly realize you've never actually discovered it,.

Harmonic accessing needs to become ubiquitous in your life. It's not meant to interfere with anything else you're doing. It's quite possible to cure incurable diseases with Harmonic accessing and still not understand it, believe it, or even have a real sense of what you're dealing with. That comes at some point - but there's really no way to control when or how it does.

You know, it's funny. The dogs just appeared. Which must mean that this dictation is over. I don't know where they were, but suddenly they're here, right next to me by the car.

Isn't it amazing how Harmonic accessing works? Talk about minor miracles. The dogs are here!-

That's what Harmonic accessing is really all about. It's about the state of grace we enter when we do enough of it on a consistent basis, and combine that with real caring about ourselves, other people - and yes, dogs.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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