The Way of Immunity
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Module: Opening
what they need to know

Paradigm shift:

to leave them with inconvertible validation of the reality of HA;

they directly experience contacting a higher power, and their ability to control their own immunity through HA.

Test: Do Quiz first?

In rough priority order - bold items are more essential: 

Who's new?

One-on-one first-timers: How to get in touch with them? (The personal, direct way.)

How much time have we got?

Module: Connection.

This is taught on the World Wide Web. It's a college -

This is everywhere in the world right now.

Anyone who's by a computer is 20 minutes away from what you just experienced.

This kills viral-based diseases and cancer.

You'll never be sick another day in your life.

Does anybody feel calm or clear?

Can you think of any other things you would use this for? (callouts)

My purpose: so that you can show someone else.
I won't end the plague (HIV, cancer, other disease relevant to this group) by showing you, but if I show you and you show . . .

immuners shows hundreds of uses with lessons.

Go to immuners & learn to kill.

Test: Are you a Harmonic master?

Test: Were you a Harmonic master before you did this with me today?

Clap for all new Harmonic masters

Module: Immunity issues

Something is happening to your fingers that's beyond you. A higher power is coming in.

Test: Are you able to show someone else?

Test: do you have a direct role in stopping the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases with this?

Assign - listen to Bill Pelle interview
(Director of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity under Reagan)

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