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We're hoping that we've succeeded in attracting you to the truth by this little bait - that curing your (physical) disease can lead to you actually getting well in the real sense. We're hoping that you will go beyond finding out the causes of your physical disease to actually finding out what the causes of your real disease are, so that you become the spiritual being you always were, and are always connected with God, in every second. What a world we'd have.
- Bayard

What, exactly, is the real disease we're removing?

Test everything that comes at you from every source.  
Below are some important statements for you to verify by testing. So first check xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)that you're in the CCP..

Then read, and test as you read.

But please remember that the Harmonic will probably not cause your finger to blow on every true statement - only the ones it especially wants you to learn from. Or any that are untrue, or only partly true.

xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)Your disease is what caused you not to know you can kill a virus, or block cancer, at will.

But what, actually, is this disease?

Your disease is very old. It predates your birth, and your conception. Yes, xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)you brought it into this life with you.

You see, God won't necessarily intervene and heal you - at least not usually. And it's always true that what xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)God would rather see happen is that you reclaim your power, and heal yourself. God is always anxious to help you do that.

Your disease has a thousand, a million, symptoms.

Your disease causes you to xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)fear your own normal awareness of your ability to heal yourself.

Your disease causes you to dwell in occurrences that are over, in trauma. Almost always xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)without realizing you're doing that.

Your disease disables your immune system so that you catch other people's infections. Your disease xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)stops you from realizing when you're catching someone else's non-physical infection. Or adopting, mimicking someone else's lowered immune response.

Your disease causes you to confuse immune dysfunctions with immune responses, and adopt the dysfunctions as though they were responses

Your disease stops you from liking yourself. xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)Your disease causes you to lash out at your loved ones.

Your disease xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)influences your decisions, so that you make mistakes. The consequences of those mistakes inevitably show up in your environment and force you in to no-win situations where any decision is a losing one.

Your disease causes you to hesitate when you know you can win.

Your disease causes you to xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)take slow, cumbersome and ponderous routes to your results, and to see certainty as a danger.

Your disease causes you to substitute sympathy and pity for compassion.

Your disease is a massive matrix of pathology and immune dysfunction. Your disease is totally specific and unique to you, and effects every human being on this planet. Your disease is not only the reason you "forgot" you could kill a virus, it's also the reason there's a hole in the ozone, and hundreds of species of living creatures become extinct each day. Your disease, my disease, our disease, xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)causes early death not only for us but for this planet.

Your disease causes you to think, believe, dream, that if you can reclaim your own healing powers you'll be OK even if a great many human beings refuse to reclaim theirs. Not true.  xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)Our disease is your disease, even if you don't show symptoms, because whatever infects one of us causes suffering for us all.

How do you regenerate yourself?

First you must kill your disease. You do this by removing everything that's diseased. The Harmonic enables you to do this. When you remove even one thing, you know you can do it all, if you let yourself extrapolate what you feel  when you do that. Then you install or reinstall everything that was completely absent, harmed, or damaged by the ravages of your disease. The Harmonic enables you to do this also.

You then use your Harmonic mastery to come to know your mission and purpose in this world. With the problems removed and the abilities installed, xqtest.jpg (2244 bytes)accomplishing that mission should be no problem. It's no problem because it's God's will that you accomplish it. And when you allow yourself even a small knowing about this you come to know God's will.

Dear Colleague, please send us additional, incisive questions to help make this inquiry as complete as

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