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Obviously the things that you do with this are, by most peoples standards, miracles. But are they really?

If something is dependable, if you can do it at will any time you want, is it still a miracle?

Those things, such as killing viruses, or accessing pieces of information that you could not possibly have learned from any physical world source, are now part of your normal, ordinary, everyday, day-to-day operation.

They're just what you do.

If you've been using the Harmonic long enough - and a few days can be long enough - you may sometimes wonder how you could have ever lived without it. That's exactly the way other people feel about their laptop computers or washing machines. The Harmonic made your life wonderful by enabling you to do things you were always able to do, but for one reason or another either weren't doing, or weren't doing enough of.

But does it enable you to work miracles? What is a miracle?

Is there any such thing as a miracle? 

You are a miracle.

And a miracle worker.

Beyond that, you're a dependable miracle worker. And your miracles are ordinary because you do them every
day. And life is a miracle, and your life of miracles is ordinary.

For example, what you feel every day when you go to the calm, clear place would be a  peak experience for some people.

So don't get scared - you don't have any outlandish magical powers. It's just you, God, God and you together, you and God becoming one, working miracles. And making friends.

It's you making friends with God, and with yourself.


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