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   Some of the assumptions that generate this approach are pretty much identical to the ones that generate Western medicine

Here they are:

There is a specific identifiable cause or set of causes for any condition or reality, whether medical, spiritual, or worldly. If the cause is eliminated, the condition no longer exists

These causes are identifiable by implementing our methodologies.

These causes are removable by the means our methodology makes available to us. Though the causes may not be aspects of what's usually called the physical world, they are aspects of a world, and that world operates on laws that are as precise as the laws of the physical world.

We need to be willing, in the event of failure, to alter the methodology.

Where we differ from Western medicine and science comes in the next set of precepts.

The physical world is no more real that the other worlds we study.

All the worlds are interdependent.

Altering something in one world changes things in the others. In practical terms, when you do the wrong thing in the physical world, you alter your existence in a negative way in the other worlds, and vice versa.

If there is a pathological condition, such as a microbe, that affects you in one of the other worlds, you will ultimately manifest an infection or condition, such as a cancer, in the physical world.

Here's where Chinese medicine comes in. Chinese medicine, much more so than Western medicine, has always directly addressed these real causes. It heals sickness by altering the energy, the vibration, of the physical body by using acupuncture and substances, herbs and foods, that act not
only on the physical body but also act directly on the non-physical bodies.

This is why Chinese medicine has been, in many cases, more effective than Western medicine.

The opposite is also true

In the last 100 years Western medicine has managed to accomplish things that Chinese medicine didn't accomplish in the last 1,000.

I hope you're not too disappointed. People who look for "alternative" healing methods may want to hear something quite the opposite from what I'm saying here -- i.e., that their favorite alternative healing method isn't at all like Western science. They want to hear that there's no magic bullet, that by altering their attitude, by developing spiritually in some nebulous and long-term sense, they'll turn the disease away.

What I've said so far is quite different.

We're saying that there is a magic bullet

There's a specific cause. You remove the DNA code, the disease is gone. You kill the bug, no disease.

Your emotional attitude is irrelevant, unless it gets in the way of the removal or killing.

And your spiritual development is a function of how in touch you are with the real world, which, contrary to popular belief, includes the non-physical. The spiritual development, or a significant aspect of it, comes from learning how to alter the DNA and kill the bugs.

Or, as one Tibetan Buddhist monk said as he was doing a healing, "We're going to have to remove this right out of your DNA."

You develop spiritually by learning to do what he did.

The next precepts:

Disease is a hologram. It must be studied independently of its causes.

Once a disease gets going, removing most of the causative factors may not necessarily have a proportional effect on the disease. That is to say, it is possible to remove 80% of the causative factors for a disease, and have 90% of the disease left.

The ending of a disease produces an alteration in the total existence, the being, of its host. So healing a disease on the physical plane creates a spiritual transformation.

Conversely but reciprocally, healing a spiritual disease will create a physical transformation.

These precepts do not negate the earlier ones, they're meant to build on them.

You are now starting to get a total picture of disease and the study of immunics that you can undertake with Harmonic connection.

Chinese medicine is about immunity. One thing the Chinese know: given the right substance, the body and spirit will alter to throw off the disease. They also know to detect and kill a disease before it takes shape.

Examine your Hierarchy of Skills now, so that you understand well the study you'll undertake by entering it. It is, ultimately, the study of how to detect and kill a disease before it takes shape.

Wouldn't you rather get well first, and then do standard science to find out about how it happened?

But, if you haven't learned Harmonic testing yet, maybe you'd best do that first. Because . . .

You are now going to receive instructions to do things you never thought you could do about things you don't know exist

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