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   It's replicable

Harmonic accessing.- and its results - are replicable. That's what makes it scientific. That's what enables you to use it methodically.

Steps in your intuitive scientific method

Maybe you hate science. Or you like science, but you can't stand subjecting yourself to the discipline of making rigorous scientific inquiries.

Or maybe you simply don't like methodologies - they're boring, they're unspontaneous, they're not - well, human. Or not spiritual. Maybe in your opinion spirituality shouldn't be replicable; grace and miracles should fall like lightning bolts from heaven in a way that's completely beyond your control. And you certainly should not be able to produce the same grace tomorrow, or two hours from now. If you could do that, it wouldn't be "real."

So where do we go from here?

Why is it worth it to teach yourself Harmonic accessing? Why should you like it?

What makes replicability desirable? And beyond that, what makes it desirable in matters of the spirit?

Well, for one thing, aren't all spiritual disciplines in some way or other attempts at replicability? Don't they try to bring a scientific aspect into what is essentially spontaneous and alive and totally beyond mechanics?

For example, don't Zen archers attempt to replicate circumstances into which acts of grace will dependably enter? Don't people chant or meditate because they have some expectation, even certainty, that if they do those things, they can reach a state of grace, enlightenment, or spiritual power dependably? Don't healing masters intend, to the best of their abilities, to replicate the healing they did for one person on another?

Look - replicability is everywhere.

It's not just in science. What made Rembrandt and Max Ernst masters was their ability to replicate results they got with paint. And Steven Spielberg represents scaring us to death over and over again by making movies about large critters that eat folks just like you and me. Business people hope to replicate last year's retailing results, and they go about it as scientifically as they know how.

A SIB enables us to see, hear, and feel Harmonic accessing, and know we're doing it

Let me tell you something. People love going to M.D.s., and there's a good reason why they do. When you go to your M.D., you might get lucky - that is, your M.D. might say to you, "This pill has worked in 100 percent of the cases I prescribed it for." That's replicability. And even if he tells you it only worked in 80 percent, you know his statement is backed by methodical, extensive testing and data-gathering.

We immunic masters have something that's replicable. And we have the same responsibility to other people, to the world, to humanity, that Western medicine has so powerfully and willingly assumed. We must test and retest to give people dependable, spiritual approaches to curing themselves. And we must search and search to find the easiest, most available, most applicable ways of getting those cures.

When you learned Harmonic accessing, you became the doctor to humanity, precisely because what you have is replicable. This is not a haphazard, "spiritual" approach that is based on the highly effective body English of certain very special people. Anyone, however klutzy and unspecial, who teaches herself what you've taught yourself can cure what you cured. A five-year-old child with no access to Western medical assistance, and who maybe can't even read yet, can cure what you've cured.

It's your responsibility, as it is mine, to make that cure available and totally accessible, just as it is your doctor's responsibility to do that with her cures.

If you do a form of replicable self-healing, you become a doctor, just as your doctor who does a replicable form of healing others is a doctor. Because if you heal yourself, others can heal themselves. And this is why replicability is so important.

If something is replicable, somebody else can use it.

If you have a special healing gift, nobody but you can use it. If you have a replicable healing gift, you become like Gutenberg with his printing press. Gutenberg gave up being the possessor of rare, valuable, and important manuscripts by mass-producing them. And this is why replicability scares so many people - including Harmonic masters. If what I have is replicable, if you're just as good as I would be at doing it, I have given up my specialness. I am no longer the possessor of something rare and special, but just a giver of something you can use. And what took me five years to teach myself, or discover, may be something you start doing 10 minutes after you hear about it.

There goes the drama of my struggle of discovery! My life has come to naught. All my valiant efforts were just a waste of my time and caused by my own density.

But you know what? When we come to naught, we come to God. That's where God is. We find God when we become what we truly are - which is nothing.

When our karma is gone, and when your heroic struggles turn into the silly trash they really were and go into the dumpster, we find ourselves standing before the absolute oneness and unity of all creation - at least to some extent. And that extent depends on how close to naught we actually have come. Because maybe we don't quite get there on the first try. Maybe huge amounts of junk go, and we're still not naught yet. Has that ever happened to you?

So here it comes.

One last factor that makes replicability desirable:

Replicability enables us to progress with inexorable certainty, out of the nothing we have accumulated through the eons - and that includes our diseases, and our disease - to the Nothingness that is the only reality, God.

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