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   Statistical deviation is what SIBs are about   

Statistics. Numbers. Grids. Graphs. Don't we hate 'em? Well, most people hate them, anyway. But for the most part they're what we have to go on.

If you always fight with your boyfriend in a given situation - that statistic is, let's say, 100% - and in this situation you still fought, but it was only half (50%) of the usual intensity, what you have here is a significant statistical deviation.

This is another one of those critical pieces of information.

If you're intimidated by your boss 80% of the time, including the last time you were with her, but you Harmonically accessed and removed several of the causes and felt absolutely no intimidation when you were face to face with him five minutes later, you have a significant immunological breakthrough that you have just statistically measured.

Even though it's not obvious to you that you used statistics, you did. Every time you notice a difference, you're compiling a statistic. And if you have a good way of keeping a record of these statistics - let's say you park them in your left brain in a place where you can easily find them when you need them - you will know that you're getting somewhere with Harmonic accessing.

What some of us notice - and maybe more of us will notice now that this is being written about - are large aggregates of statistically meaningful changes that seem to come without us overtly doing anything to cause them.

Why don't we say something is statistically meaningful instead of just that it's meaningful?

Well, it's very simple. An hour from now, when you're intimidated by your boss again - if you are - your big, powerful, unintimidated experience isn't gonna mean squat, other than statistically. Later, while you're out for the evening or relaxing over dinner, you can take a moment to assess yourself. You will notice that while you may not be feeling as powerful as you were before when you were unintimidated, when you review the statistics it is apparent that something is happening for you.

Sometimes indicators are all we have to go on.

Christopher Columbus sees a seagull and knows land is ahead. The seagull is a significant statistical deviation from the no seagulls he's been seeing for the last 117 days.

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