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The smallest public action you take for this will have global impact and save many people from the ravages of disease and its repercussions. 

asking for donations

Any of the actions listed on this page tend to organize communities. Spontaneous communities organize themselves when people see cure stickers on cars and storefronts.  People who organize communities are the root system from which the cures grow. This writer was the first person to ever do that.


Communities may be up close and personal, like the street classes, or bring together people with common interests, like the Cancer CureGroup. A gigantic global community will someday be organized by a person or group who gets cure demonstrated on television.


The future of cure is probably demonstrations and marches. Those are the most sure-fire ways of calling attention to the fact that cure is happening.

Anyone serious about organizing a regional community of cure should be working with a mind toward assembling a mass of immuners on Main treet on Saturday carrying placards that say things like: "Cure is happening -- we thought you'd like to know."

Even 20 people in a public demonstration might be enough to call attention to cure happening and get some news coverage - especially if all the local stations are notified. And this would attract more people, demonstrators, and attention.



Our task is to let the world know as immediately and directly as possible that cure is happening. And myriad effective actions can be taken, most of which involve booting up your e-mail program, picking up the telephone, or walking out the front door.


Your local world isn't so local -- you never know what global people are going to see your local actions, especially if you live in New York, L.A., or Eagle River, Wisconsin. The president of the U.N. or Bruce Willis
might cure something when they see the bumper sticker on your car or "45,000 cures and counting" on your T-shirt.


Seemingly ordinary people have worked every miracle we've seen.

Cure is real.  Let's cause it to be a real for people who don't know it's possible.

Disease crosses borders without a passport. Now, so does cure.  Save someone's life today.  Get this message posted wherever you can, any way
you can.
74,961 cures and counting.
Tell people they can cure things.

People cure things when they see other people curing things. Show the tally everywhere, in every way you can.  Get this up around the world as fast as possible by plane, train, e-mail, bus, car, or Post

asking for donations

Cure on the median of the highway
In Hillsborough County, FL alone over 1500 motorists have accepted these stickers and pledged to display them.

Full and part-time fundraisers -- You can earn money while you prevent the killer flu pandemic
Your noble aspirations really can sustain your life. If you can even do this for 30 minutes a day, on your lunch hour or right after work, you will make a difference and earn money. This volunteer is in Riverview, a small town in central Florida.

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